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Airliner Decals

US Airways 757-200

British Midland A320/A321

Scandinavian 737 Next Generation



1/144 Decals by Liveries Unlimited



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price:

AGA4-156 US Airways 757-200s; US$9.50
AGA4-157 British Midlands AIrbus A320/A321; US$9.50
AGA4-156 SAS - Scandinavian Airlines 737-600/700/800s; US$9.50

Contents and Media:

Decal sheet plus small supplementary sheet, 1 x colour instruction sheet  -  See text for details



Review Type:

First Look


Perfect registration; finely detailed printing; clever inclusions such as hatch and window decals; well planned decal design; clear and colourful instructions; good conversion details for the SAS sheet



Highly Recommended for civil aircraft modellers


Reviewed by Brett Green


F i r s t   L o o k

Liveries Unlimited present three new sheets for 1/144 scale aircraft. All the sets include one 5.5" x 8" decal sheet covering one main subject aircraft and a colour decal placement sheet with history and marking details overleaf. The instructions are really one of the high points. They are a one-stop reference point and almost guaranteed to include a nice piece of trivia that will permit you to accurately depict your chosen subject.

As is usual with Liveries Unlimited's decals, registration and colour are perfect. Separate numbers in various sizes and colours are supplied to permit a wide range of Delta 737s to be modelled. The main sheet is peppered with tiny stencils, door decals and other markings. 


AGA4-156 US Airways 757-200s

This decal sheet is designed for Minicraft's 1/144 scale Boeing 757-200. Three sets of numbers are supplied in different styles and colours to permit the full range of serials and registration numbers to be applied. Optional windscreen decals are provided - a set with silver frames only, and a set with grey windows surrounded by the silver frames. The silver is as beautifully printed as earlier releases.


AGA4-157 British Midlands AIrbus A320/A321

This sheet is designed for Revell's A320 and 321 kits - ideally the A321 Lufthansa release with the appropriate IAE V2500 engines. 



If the modeller wishes to depict a British Midlands A320, the engines will have to be swapped with those in the Lufthansa A321. 


AGA4-156 SAS - Scandinavian Airlines 737-600/700/800s

This sheet is designed for Revell's 1/144 scale Boeing 737-800.

In addition to the standard decals and instructions, this sheet includes a small extra sheet with wingwalk decals and a supplementary instruction sheet with details to convert the Revell 737-800 to a 737-600 or 737-700. The conversion is clearly described.



These aircraft are finished in an attractive scheme of light grey fuselage, blue tail, red engine nacelles and lettering in silver and white. Three specific aircraft are covered in the markings sheet, but a full range of lettering in three sizes are also supplied to permit any Next Generation 737 of the SAS fleet to be modelled.

Another great civil decal sheet from Liveries Unlimited.

All Recommended.

Thanks to Liveries Unlimited for the review sample.

Review Copyright 2000 by Brett Green
Page Created 21 December, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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