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Forthcoming Releases

and P-40E Decal Preview



AMtech's 1/48 scale P-40E will be available online from Squadron.com


1/48 Curtiss P-40E Decal Preview


AMtech is a new manufacturer of high quality plastic model kits. Following their current release of the 1/48 scale Ta 183 will be a 1/48 scale Curtiss P-40E.

All kits have been tooled in Korea using steel and cast-beryllium hob molds, have engraved panel lines, etc. The four kits after the Ta 183, including the 1/48 scale P-40E, are versions of AMT/ERTL kits that have never been released, and AMtech is bringing them to market under license with AMT. A different grade of plastic is being used to mold these kits than that used by AMT/ERTL, which should greatly improve the quality of the kits.



The image at the top of the page is a preview of the decals to be included in the 1/48 scale P-40E set. The thumbnails below are low-resolution images of the marking instructions for the two USAAF, one RAF and one RAAF subjects included as options in the kit, plus some detail images of two of the decal subjects:

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:



Current Release Schedule


New kits coming:

1/48 Scale Release Schedule

Ta 183 Huckbein
AMtech kit#: 484601
Recommended Retail Price:  USD$39.98
Release: Available Now

P-40E Warhawk
AMtech kit#:  4899201
Recommended Retail price:  USD$21.98
Release:  March 2002


1/72 Scale Release Schedule

AMtech kit#:  7299201
Recommended Retail price:  USD$21.98
Release:  2002
This particular kit features some VERY wild camouflage schemes!

EC-135C/N ARIAH/ALOTS "hog nose"
AMtech kit#:  728701
Recommended Retail price:  USD$44.98
Release:  2002

AMtech kit#:  7299202
Recommended Retail price:  USD$21.98
Release: 2002


Thanks to Alan of AMtech for the information.

Images and Information Copyright 2002 by AMtech
Page Created 26 August, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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