S-70A-9 Blackhawk Stabilizer

1/35th Scale

Pete's Hangar


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Approx AUD$16.00

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First Look


Cleanly cast, no blemishes. Engraved panel lines and raised detail.


Very minor seam line to be sanded from leading edge




 Reviewed by Terry Ashley




Pete's Hangar is the accessory brand of Aussie Decals.

To supplement the recent release by Aussie Decals of markings for the S-70A-9 Blackhawks, Pete's Hanger has provided the solution to the biggest hurdle to building an accurate 1/35th scale Aussie Blackhawk, the rectangular rear stabilizer.

The update set consists of two resin parts - the large rectangular stabilizer and the small 'knuckle' which fits on the top of the stabilizer to attach the actuating rod.

The stabilizer is well cast in a light cream-coloured resin with no sign of air bubbles or any other blemishes. The detail is excellent with a combination of engraved panel lines and raised 'ribs'. The only cleanup needed is some fine 'film' inside the four holes along the rear edge. You will only have to wave your x-acto No.11 near the film and it falls off. A fine seam line along the leading edges will need to be sanded smooth, but this will only take a few passes with wet and dry. This is a result of the casting method which means the stabilizer doesn't come with a casting block like most resin parts these days and is less of a hassle than the seam on the plastic kits parts it replaces.

The two parts are almost everything that you will need for the conversion. The only additional requirement is to fabricate the actuating rod from thin rod or metal. The resin stabilizer then just replaces the kit parts.

Notes included with the instructions give some tips about the best way to fit the new stabilizer. It is best to fit the stabilizer in the dropped position as this is how they "sit" on the real parked aircraft.

Recommended retail will be about AUD$16.00 and they are available now from Victorian Hobby Centre, 1st Floor, 21A Swanston St. Melbourne Victoria 3001. Ph. (03) 9650 4817 Fax (03) 9650 1025.


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Reference photos of Australian Blackhawks, including pictures of the stabilizer,
may be found on Terry Ashley's PMMS website.

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