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Black Magic 1/72 Scale Masks

Cutting Edge


S u m m a r y


Black Magic Canopy/Wheel Hub Masks  OV-10  (CEBM72074)
Black Magic Canopy/Wheel Hub Masks  HE 111 (CEBM72085)




Each set contains one self adhesive-backed black vinyl die-cut sheet and instructions


CEBM72074 $4.99  
CEBM72085 $5.99

Review Type:

First Look and Test Run


Time Saving; Outstanding result.


Cost on some items


Recommended to all who want to save time


Reviewed by Luke Pitt




Having known the editor for some years and being a member of the same club, Brett asked me to review a few the mask sets available from “BLACK MAGIC”.  I approached these sets with  the notion of  “why did they produce a mask set? What’s the use?  I can mask a canopy!"

I am currently building two of the Academy Ov-10 in 1/72 scale and had masked up the canopy for one, which took me an hour including preparatory work (yes I am known for being slow). 

I applied the mask set from Black Magic in 10 minutes!.Okay, I thought, it is quicker. Now let’s see if it does the job it’s designed to do! I started spraying and completed the model.

The result? OUTSTANDING! The Black Magic example had no runs came away cleanly and was as good as my hand masked example.

I still have a few quibbles in regard to the cost for “straight edge” masking jobs but for masks that entail curves or complex patterns like set (CEBM72085) then they are well worth the cost of purchase. The sets include wheel hub masks also, but after using one I am still to be convinced of their worth.

The sets will save time and work. It must be remembered that in most cases these sets will ONLY work for the kits designed for them. Using the OV-10 set on an old Airfix or Revell kit  will only give you grief!


Review Copyright © 2000 by Luke Pitt
Page Created 31 March, 2000
Page Last Updated 22 July, 2003

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