British Full Weapons Load

Model Design Construction


Catalogue No.: DS001
Scale: 1/48
Media: Resin, White Metal, Brass Etched
Review Type: In Package
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

S u m m a r y

Contents: Two 500lb bombs, four 250 lb bombs and racks in white metal, resin and brass; one torpedo and mounts; eight white metal and brass smoke floats and flares; eight British style rockets and rails; eleven resin depth charges.
Price: 17.50
Advantages: Very versatile set; hard to find these items elsewhere; comprehensive details; all mounts and racks included; clever and appropriate use of multi-media
Disadvantages: Instructions a little sketchy
Recommendation: Highly recommended as inspiration for anyone building any ordnance-capable British, Canadian, South African or Australian aircraft.


F i r s t L o o k

Despite a flood of 1/48 models of aircraft operated by the RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces, ordnance has been sadly lacking in both the kits and the after-market.

MDC's British Full Weapons Load fills an obvious gap in modelling RAF aircraft. This comprehensive multi-media set includes a broad range of weapons.

These include two 500 pound and two each of two styles of 250 pound bombs. All the bombs are of the "teardrop" style, frequently seen in wartime photos but not yet produced by any mainstream manufacturer. The bombs have resin bodies, etched fins and white metal tail rings. Photo-etched fusing propellers and nose rings are also included. The etched fins on the 250lb bombs are likely to be fiddly to install, so I'd suggest curring slots in the rear of the resin body to facilitate fit and stability. Beautifully detailed racks from brass and white metal are included for all six bombs.

The white metal rockets are little beauties too, with etched metal fins, white metal rails and a photo-etched rocket tray.

Maritime subjects are well catered for by the torpedo, depth charges and flares. A "light stores carrier" tray and individual mounts are included in etched brass.

The white metal and the resin are very well done. There is a little flash on the white metal but detail is very crisp indeed. Resin parts suffer from a few overpour marks, but a few minutes careful treatment with a sharp knife and a sanding stick will fix the problem.

Instructions comprise of a single sheet with a few diagrams and some text. I'd prefer to see a few more diagrams to assist exact placement of parts.

The individual items are also available in separate sets from MDC.

There are an enormous number of potential subjects for this set - Kittyhawks, Bostons, Spitfires, Hurricanes, Swordfish, Beaufighter, Mosquito - you name it. I have just used the 500lb bombs on my Classic Airframes Whirlwind and I reckon they make a big impact.

This is a very versatile set that makes clever (and appropriate) use of resin, white metal and brass. I hope MDC continues to develop this otherwise hard to find category of accessories.

MDC products may be purchased direct through their ever-growing website at

Thanks to Model Design Construction for the review samples.

Review, Model and Images Copyright 1999 by Brett Green
Images Courtesy of Model Design Construction
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