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English Electric
Canberra B. Mk. 2

1/144 Scale




S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: OM14405
Scale: 1/144
Contents and Media: 35 parts in low-pressure injected dark grey styrene; 2 clear parts on a vacform sheet; decals for three aircraft.
Price: AUD$29.95 (approx USD$16) plus postage (AUD$7 within Australia; AUD$12 international air mail)
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Good quality plastic; crisp and consistent engraved detail; good detail for this scale; thoughtful engineering attempts to assist alignment of wings and tail surfaces.
Disadvantages: Slightly scratchy exterior surfaces; a few minor sink marks
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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OzMods continue to demonstrate their commitment to small-scale models with their 1/144 scale E.E. Canberra B. Mk. 2.

The Canberra comprises 35 parts in dark grey, low-pressure injection moulded styrene; plus four parts in clear vacform plastic.

Surface detail is by way of finely engraved panel lines. The panel lines are quite crisp and consistent, but the overall surface of my sample suffers from a slightly scuffed appearance. This should be easily fixed with a quick rubdown using fine sandpaper, followed by a general polish.

Parts breakdown is quite conventiona despite the kit's small size and short-run origins. The wings are supplied in upper and lower halves, and are attached with the assistance of locating tabs and slots. Ailerons and flaps are moulded with the upper wing halves to keep the trailing edges as thin as possible. However, some further thinning of the trailing edges will be desirable to establish a convincing scale appearance. The horizontal tail is also secured with locating tabs.

The Canberra's cockpit is fitted out with an instrument panel, pilot's seat, stick and floor. The Navigator's position is not present but it would be almost impossible to see through the fixed canopy in this scale. The undercarriage may be depicted raised or lowered. Wingtip tanks are provided.

Four vacform parts are supplied. Two are for the canopy (one, plus one spare) and the others are optional parts for the clear nosecone. The fuselage is moulded with a solid nosecone, but the modeller can choose to replace this with a more accurate clear part. Once again, a spare nosecone is provided.

Markings are supplied for three aircraft - an Australian B. Mk. 20, a British B.2 and an American RB-57A. These three options offer the choice between a disruptive grey/green scheme, overall black or silver and white.

The instructions are simple - a one page exploded view diagram. This is entirely acceptable for such a simple kit.

This twin-engined subject is big enough to see in 1/144 scale, which is just as well as the detail is good and the overall package is impressive. I can see a Squadron of 1/144 scale RAAF B.2s lining up somewhere in the future...


Thanks to Greg Anderson from OzMods for the review sample.

OzMods products are available from Australian hobby retail outlets 
or direct from OzMods via their email address ozmods@optushome.com.au

Review and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 August, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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