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Cessna Model 425



Gremlin Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: No Catalogue Number - Cessna Model 425 Corsair 
Scale: 1/72
Price: USD$24
Contents and Media: Approximately 51 parts in resin; 2 parts in clear vacform; 1 clear acetate sheet; decals; masks for windows (Aeropoxy "Cool Frame")
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Complete and sophisticated package; crisp surface detail; thoughtful engineering; appropriate use of multi-media; steel-reinforced undercarriage legs; great decals.
Disadvantages: Waxy resin; a few large seams; canopy join may be tricky; only 100 to be manufactured
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to experienced civil aircraft modellers


Reviewed by Brett Green




In addition to their Soviet WWII aircraft releases, Gremlin Models of Yugoslavia also produce a line of civil aircraft.

The 1/72 scale Cessna Model 425 Corsair from Gremlin Models is a complete and sophisticated package making appropriate use of multi-media. 51 resin parts are carefully packed into small bags with two vacform parts, a small sheet of clear acetate, a colourful decal sheet and even masks for the windscreen and oval-shaped passenger windows.

Casting quality is quite high, with only a few air bubbles and a couple of prominent raised seams evident. Panel lines are engraved. The resin is very waxy, almost sticky, in texture but should clean up well after the recommended bath in soapy water.

The two main parts are the solid fuselage and full-span wings. The fuselage looks a little like a boat, with the centre hollowed out for the passenger and crew cabin. There is a prominent raised seam line along the full length of the fuselage that will need to be sanded down. The fuselage sits over the wing, creating a strong bond and ensuring correct dihedral. In turn, the engine nacelles are fitted on top of the wings.



The cabin of the Cessna is impressively equipped with seven seats, three bulkheads and an instrument panel. The detail on these parts is terrific for this scale, with dials on the instrument panel and "padded" leather on the seats. This detail is not wasted, as the top of the cabin is supplied as a clear vacform part. This part should be attached with epoxy glue and blended in using Milliput or a similar epoxy putty. This will undoubtedly be the most challenging aspect of construction. The potentially tricky task of masking all those little windows is simplified by the thoughtful inclusion of die-cut self-adhesive masks. 

Some of the smaller parts will need sanding and general cleanup. Most of these parts are cast on a wafer of resin. For a reason I do not understand, some of the smaller details such as bulkheads are duplicated. The undercarriage legs are reinforced with steel legs to ensure that they will not collapse under the weight of this relatively solid resin model.



The instructions are basic, and do not mention many of the parts required for construction such as the nacelle faces, exhausts etc. References or a visit to the local Aerodrome are a must!

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The decals are very impressive. They comprise pinstripes, de-icer boots, a serial number and propeller markings. They will have to be individually cut from the sheet, but the gold stripe is so good that it has to be seen to be appreciated.





This is a very nice, thorough depiction of the Cessna Model 425. It won't be an easy build, but all the elements for a highly detailed model are supplied.

With the relevant experience and plenty of patience, this kit should deliver an impressive replica of the Corsair.

Highly Recommended to experienced civil aircraft modellers.

Thanks to Aleksej Ilic of Gremlin Models for the review sample

Gremlin Models are available via email enquiry to Gremlin Models

Review and Image Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 12 February, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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