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Canadair CF-5A/D



Mike Grant Decals


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: N/A
Scale: Available in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.
Contents and Media: 2 sheets of decals, 2 sheets of artwork.
Price: 1/72 - USD$9.50
1/48 - USD$12.00
Review Type: First Look.
Advantages: Made to order, high clarity and detail..
Disadvantages: Each individual decal requires cutting out due to limitations of the printing process. Decals a little bit susceptible to scratching when cutting out. (See text)
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Dale Smith


F i r s t   L o o k

You may have already seen my reviews of 'Mike Grant Decals' products here on HyperScale in the last number of weeks.

Mike produces all of his decals in his basement, with artwork that he personally produces and then generates on his computer. The decals are then printed on a 'ALPS' printer. The inks that Mike is using are waterproof and also light-fast, and he advises that they also react well to MicroSol and MicroSet. When purchased, the decals are printed individually and made to order.



The only drawback I have found with this style of decals is that a little bit more care is required when cutting them out, as they are susceptible to scratching and scraping. To avoid any damage, its a good idea to use a plastic ruler or scrap styrene as the hard edge for cutting them out with the hobby knife. The other point to note is that the carrier film covers the entire sheet, so each individual item needs to be cut out separately. In some cases or to avoid registration problems, separate white parts are supplied which are aligned and added during the decalling process.(Not Required with this set) A little bit of extra care and they compare well with screen printed decals. All other decal and model preparation criteria apply.

The sample I have received from this manufacturer for review covers the Canadair CF-5A/D in Canadian Air Force service. Aircraft that are covered in the set are:

  1. CF-5D Dual Seat, aircraft serial 116819 of 419 Squadron "Bort No.19" in the wraparound Ghost Aggressor Scheme of FS 35237, 36307 and 36251.
  2. CF-5A Single Seat, aircraft serial 116705 of 419 Squadron "Bort No. 05 in the same Ghost Aggressor Scheme as the above aircraft.
  3. CF-5A Single Seat , aircraft serial 116723 of 434 Squadron. This aircraft is in a grey/green wraparound scheme of FS 36118 and 34064.
  4. CF-5D Dual Seat , aircraft serial 116837 of 419 Squadron in an overall Aluminium scheme with red horizontal tailplanes and wing tanks.

The decals in my review sample were very nicely printed. There were no register problems, all details were very clear and sharp and the colour density was very good.

A nice touch in the set are the false canopy decals that are provided for the two 'Aggressor' aircraft that are placed on the belly of the subject aircraft. There is also a large number of CAF numerals supplied in scale 4, 6, 10 and 12 inch sizes that would enable any aircraft serial to be modelled. A large number of airframe and warning stencils are also supplied as well as navigation light strips.



Mike suggests in 1/72 scale that the Hasegawa or Esci F-5A and F-5D kits be used. In 1/48 scale the Testors/Italeri F-5A and the Fujimi F-5D kits are suggested.





This is a very nice selection of different schemes for the Canadian 'modern' era modeller. The overall aluminium scheme with red trim decals look very attractive, and the Aggressor schemes are a very nice alternative.

Highly Recommended.

Information has also been given with the review sample, that if you happen to damage an item during the decalling process, simply contact Mike by email on decals@mikegrantdesign.com for a replacement.

Thanks to Mike Grant Decals for the review sample.


Mike Grant Decals are available from his website where you can also see the rest of his range at www.cadvision.com/mikegrant/MikeGrantDecals/

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Review Copyright 2001 by Dale Smith
Page Created 13 June, 2001

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