Chasseur Cheval de la Guard


Metal Model

1/35 Scale




Assembled, Painted & Reviewed

by Andrew Judson


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Catalogue Number and  Description MM0077 - Chasseur Cheval de la Guard (Mounted Chasseur of the Guard)
Scale: 1/32 (54mm)
Price: USD$19.96
Contents and Media: One figure made up of seven parts in white metal
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good looking figure; good stance; worhtwhile subject; white-metal base included.
Disadvantages: Some detail lacking from white metal parts
Recommendation: Recommended


Metal Models' Mounted Chasseur of the Guard is available online from




I'll apologise in advance to all the experts out there. This is the first Napoleonic figure that I have painted.

I must say that I enjoyed the project though, and I am quite happy with the final results.

"Metal Models" is associated with Historex and produces 54mm Napoleonic-era figures in white metal.

Their Chasseur Cheval de la Guard (Mounted Chasseur of the Guard) in Escort Dress is supplied in seven white metal parts that look good on first viewing in the box. However, closer inspection revealed that some of the detail (eg piping and uniform detail) was missing and had to be painted on with minimal guidance. Even so, the figure still looks good!

I cannot comment on the accuracy of equipment as I do not have much reference on the subject matter, but all the gear sits well on the figure and looks natural.

The small base (with groundwork cast on) was included in this figure kit - a thoughtful touch.

You'll need to bring along a good selection of fine brushes and a keen set of eyes but once completed, Metal Models' Chasseur of the Guard is an impressive looking figure with a good stance.

Whether you model subjects from a different era, or are a Napoleonic enthusiast, this is a worthwhile subject to consider.


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