Colortech #1 - Focke Wulf 190A/F/G Part 1
by Thomas A. Tullis

Published by Cutting Edge Modelworks

ISBN: 0-96929146-2-2
Review Type: Book Review
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

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S u m m a r y

Price: US$8.95
Advantages: Top quality artwork; good additional information on colours and markings; logical layout; all profiles refer to existing decal sheets; low price
Recommendation: Highly recommended to all Luftwaffe modellers, enthusiasts and researchers.


T h e    B o o k

Cutting Edge Modelworks has produced the first in a series of booklets that promise to fill a gap in the Luftwaffe modelling and research fields. "Colortech #1 Focke Wulf 190A/F/G Part 1" by Thomas A. Tullis is a quick reference guide to the colours and markings of the Butcher Bird.

colortechbg_1.jpg (32132 bytes)This all-colour booklet is small format - 8" x 5". The 20 pages are printed on high quality glossy paper, enclosed in a stapled cardboard cover. The layout is handsome and logical. Its low price is also great news for modellers on a budget, younger hobbyists or people simply not willing to pay the high price demanded for many of today's hardbound reference books.

Regular visitors to HyperScale will already be familiar with Tom's very attractive and authentic artwork. Fans won't be disappointed with the high standard of the colour renderings and the diversity of the seven profile subjects, but the book contains more than just colour profiles.

There is plenty of additional material jammed into this small package. The text commences with a chronological description of official and improvised Fw 190A/F/G camouflage. National markings, interior colours, standard camouflage patterns, spinner and propeller spirals, cowl markings, tail recognition features, fuselage theatre bands, RVD bands, wing markings, leading edge demarcations and variations in the appearance of late-war wing lower surfaces are all covered. Each category is illustrated in colour and described in the text. Where applicable, dimensions of markings are also provided. As far as I can tell, about the only issues not covered are stenciling, code and serial styles.

Some interesting facts are interspersed - for example; the "whitewalled" tailwheel is explained as denoting electrically conductive tyres!

The writing style is clear and easily digestible.

Colour profiles are typically Tullis - top-notch stuff. There are seven colour renderings: three A-8s, one A-6, one A-7, and two F-8s. Five of the seven aircraft are depicted in December 1944 or during 1945 reflecting the great interest in late-war Luftwaffe aircraft. The profiles are presented in landscape format to get the most out of the small pages. The camouflage of each profile aircraft is described below the artwork, and references are quoted. Tom makes it very clear if any aspect of his profile is unconfirmed, leaving the ultimate choice to the modeller.

I particularly liked the linking of each profile subject to available decal sheets. This is partly sensible commercialism (as the available sheets are from Cutting Edge or Eagle Cals), but ultimately makes life much simpler for a modeller inspired to portray one of the profiled Butcher Birds. And there's no doubting the high quality of the decal products.

Cutting Edge continue the Focke-Wulf theme by also producing a resin conversion for the beautiful Tamiya Fw 190F-8. The conversion contains all the parts necessary to backdate the Tamiya kit to an A-5, A-6, A-7 or A-8. If the modeller chooses his subjects carefully, the resin set will provide parts for two complete conversions (for example, an A-5 and an A-8).

Forthcoming titles are #2 Fw 190D; #3 Me 262A/B; #4 Bf 109G/K Part 1 and #5 Fw 190A/F/G Part 2. You should be able to source Colortech #1, Cutting Edge decals and resin conversions from:

Meteor Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 3956
Merrifield, VA 22116 USA
(TEL) 703.591.0652
(FAX) 703.591.3996

or you favourite hobby store stocking Cutting Edge products. Examples of Tom Tullis' artwork may be seen in the Gallery on HyperScale, or on his own web page.

Colortech #1 is excellent value. It more than fulfills its stated role as a quick reference guide to the colours and markings of the Fw 190A/F/G for its profiled subjects. It style is concise, the presentation is attractive, the seven colour profiles are candy for the eye and it won't significantly lighten your wallet! This little book is a must for Luftwaffe modellers or researchers.

Review Copyright 1998 by Brett Green
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Last updated 22 July, 2003.

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