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DC-2 / DC-3



"Cloud Master" by Dutch Decal


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: 72 / 15
Scale: 1/72 scale.
Contents and Media: 1 large A4 size and 1 small sheet of decals, 1 double sided F3 sheet of artwork.
Price: 26,50 Dutch Guilders each (approximately US$11.30)
Review Type: First Look.
Advantages: Screen printed , good colour density and register.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


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Reviewed by Dale Smith


F i r s t   L o o k


'Cloud Master' is part of the range manufactured by 'Dutch Decal', a company located in the Netherlands that produces decals mainly based around subjects of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In the range you will find subjects on nearly every aircraft that the KLu have flown, as well as squadron badges and military roundels in the main scales of 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32. For full information on the range, check out their website at www.dutchdecal.nl

This latest release covers DC-2 / DC-3 aircraft that were flown by KNILM Royal Netherlands Indies Airways and also KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. There are 12 subjects supplied in the set that cover 10 DC-2 aircraft and 2 DC-3 aircraft. A good selection of colour schemes are available with the set ranging from overall natural/bare metal, overall international Orange to RLM 71 for an aircraft that was captured by the germans and pressed into use with the Luftwaffe.



Some of the more interesting aspects of the aircraft in the set include:

  1. DC-2 Serial PH-AJU 'Uiver' from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines which was the winner of the handicap race of the London to Sydney air race in 1934.

  2. DC-3 Serial PH-ALU 'Uil' from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol Amsterdam in 1939 in overall International Orange FS 12197.

  3. DC-2 Serial PH-AKT 'Toekan' from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol Amsterdam in 1940 which was captured by the Luftwaffe and used by the Wehrmachtsbefehlhaber der Niederlande General Christiaansen which was painted in overall RLM 71.

The decals come enclosed in an air tight zip locked bag, with a double-sided F3 size sheet of instructions that include artwork and a brief outline of the aircraft subject. The decals were all nicely printed with good colour density and register. The decals are also very thin, so a little extra care will be needed in their application.

References to paints by Xtracolor and Humbrol are given, with other small instructions and hints given as to the colour of other aircraft parts such as the wheel hubs, spinners etc. Some instructions are also given for the installation of window curtains in some aircraft and 2 small strips of decal representing the curtains are supplied on the smaller decal sheet.



Recommended kits for the sheet are the MPM/Dekno offerings but I feel the decals could be used on any manufacturers DC-2 or DC-3 kit in 1/72 scale.





Overall this sheet is a nice addition to the 'Cloud Master' range and give some interesting alternatives for the DC-2 and DC-3 kits available in 1/72 scale.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Luuk from Dutch Decal for the samples

Dutch Decals are available at the Dutch Decal Website

Review Copyright 2001 by Dale Smith
Page Created 22 September, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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