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New Releases - Preview


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EagleParts Preview


Here is information about two new releases from Eagle Editions in their resin EagleParts range:


Spinner for 1/32 scale Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G


This 1/32 scale replacement spinner has been designed exclusively for Eagle Editions by master pattern maker Gregg Cooper of ScaleQuest.

This is an accurate new spinner based on photographs and measurements:

  • The taper is corrected with a slight indentation where the front portion of the spinner is attached to the rear portion.

  • The blast tube has been enlarged and emphasised with a flared spinner opening (the blast tube can be shortened to match photo source of desired aircraft subject).

  • The openings for propeller blades are tapered to the rear.

  • A raised data plate for the spinner and backing plate with attachment hole has been added.

  • The forward spinner cap line is also more pronounced.

A drill jig is included to align the propeller shaft opening in the backing plate. Note - a data plate decal is supplied with EagleCals for this scale.


Replacement forward cowl for 1/48 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190D



This 1/48 scale replacement radiator cowling has been designed exclusively for Eagle Editions by master pattern maker Gregg Cooper of ScaleQuest.

The profile outline in all 1/48th scale Fw 190D-9 kits is too flat. The correct cowl shape has a fuller, airfoil profile. Using measurements and photos from original D-9 cowlings, Eagle Editions has produced a correctly shaped radiator cowling in 1/48th scale.


To demonstrate, hold a completed 1/48th model to a good photo of a real D-9 and the difference is obvious, and is especially noticeable when the cowl flaps are closed. Our resin correction kit fixes this problem.

Features include:

  • Complete with radiator, cowling and closed cowl flaps. Use kit open flaps if desired.

  • Visible pins and joint cover plates, both top and bottom. Note: on the real aircraft the cowling halves are held together with small pins which are detailed on our corrected cowl.

  • Correctly closed cowl flaps that taper at the rear.

NOTE; the EP#13-48 cowl correction set will fit Trimaster molds, DML, Dragon, Italeri etc. and Tamiya kits.

Price: $8.00


A full review of these items will be undertaken in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the information.

EagleParts accessories are available online from Eagle Editions

Images and Information Copyright 2002 by Eagle Editions
Page Created 19 March, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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