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EC-135C/N ARIAH/ALOTS "Hog Nose"


C-135B T/RIA, 62-4128, 4950th Test Wing, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, 1971
Markings for this aircraft are included in the new AMtech kit

Profile Copyright 2002 by Jennings Heilig



S u m m a r y

Catalogue No. & Description Item #728701
Price: USD$44.98 Recommended Retail Price
Contents and Media: 132 pieces in long-run injection moulded plastic; 19 parts in clear injection moulded plastic; markings for four aircraft
Scale: 1/72
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High quality mouldings (sourced from AMT); impressively big; crisp recessed panel lines; optional parts including engine nacelles; welcome variation on available kits; excellent quality decals with four options.
Disadvantages: Much care will be required with alignment; large sprue connectors on fuselage and some other large parts; a few minor sink marks; you'll need a big display case!
Recommendation: Recommended 


Reviewed by Brett Green

AMtech's 1/72 scale EC-135C/N ARIA/ALOTS may be ordered online from Squadron.com


Stop Press


Additional Resin Correction Parts and Construction Notes



AMtech has decided to include additional resin parts to their forthcoming EC-135N/E kit to add an accurate TACSAT housing and fuel dump housing, with a housing base and fuselage plug also supplied.

The four resin parts are pictured above,

AMtech has also revised the instructions to include specific assembly instructions for these variants. Construction photos and relevant Reference shots are included with this supplement.

Finally, a short illustrated document describing how to fix the dreaded "KC-135 Outer Wing Droop" will be included in the kit.




AMtech has taken advantage AMT's unreleased moulds for their forthcoming 1/72 scale EC-135C/N ARIAH/ALOTS "Hog Nose".

I never saw the original C-135/KC-135 AMT kits, but I was mightily impressed when I received the large box containing the sprues for the Hog Nose C-135. This model is big, by any standards. The fuselage length is 56cm and the wing span is close to 58cm. You'll need some serious shelf space to display this behemoth! Its size and the distinctive drooping "hog nose" make this an impressive and compelling subject.

The kit comprises 132 parts in grey styrene and a further 19 parts in clear. The fuselage halves almost leap out of the box. They are very clean, high quality mouldings with a combination of raised ribs and recessed detail as appropriate. The rest of the kit maintains this high standard, with crisply engraved panel lines throughout. A few small sinkmarks can be found on some smaller parts, but these should be quite simple to fill and repair.



The fuselage halves and some other large parts have large sprue connectors. These are best removed with a razor saw, and even then they will need more cleanup.

Although much of the interior will be hidden in the dark behind small windows, AMtech has supplied plenty of detail for the forward section. Fabric textured wall surfaces, floors, convincingly contoured seats and even a fully equipped latrine are packed into the nose of the EC-135. A floor is supplied for the full length of the fuselage, but if you want to depict the electronic gear and crew fitout in the main cabin, you'll have to scratchbuild it yourself.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Four J-57 powerplants are supplied, as is a full set of four TF-33 engines. Marking options for two J-57  and two TF-33  are offered on the decal sheet, but either way you will have a few significant additions to the spares box.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The real test of this model will be how it fits together. The fuselage halves, in particular, have the potential for heartbreak owing to their length and flexibility. Fortunately, the bulkheads and floor will add rigidity to the structure and should help align these large parts. I have test fitted the halves, and I recommend gluing the fuselage halves in stages, starting with the fin. Glue the fin halves, clamp the parts, temporarily tape the whole fuselage and move forward when the rear fuselage has set. The fuselage will still have enough flex to run a bead of glue, or alternatively (if the dry-fit is good enough) you might consider using liquid glue brushed directly onto the seam.

The decals are excellent. Four options are supplied:

  • EC-135N ARIA/ALOTS of 4556th Test Group, AF Eastern Test Range, Patrick AFB Florida, 1970

  • C-135B T/RIA of 4950th Test Wing, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright-Patterson AAFB, Ohio 1971

  • EC-135N ARIA of 4950th Test Wing, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright-Patterson AAFB, Ohio 1977

  • EC-135E Aria of 4950th Test Wing, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright-Patterson AAFB, Ohio 1991

The decals are beautifully printed with admirably narrow edging of carrier film. Even the decal instruments look good!



I can't comment on instructions as my review sample did not come with the final version.





The AMtech kit is well moulded and will look very impressive when finished due to its large size and its distinctive "hog nose". The excellent decals are also noteworthy. With patience and planning, you'll have a great looking, big EC-135C/N in your collection!.


Thanks to AMtech for the review sample.

AMtech models are available from good hobby shops and online retailers. For more information about AMtech future releases, please see their Preview page here on HyperScale

Review and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
except Title Image Copyright 2002 by Jennings Heilig
Page Created 21 October, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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