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Super Detailed
Panels for

& F-104G/J Starfighters


Cutting Edge Modelworks

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: CEC 48260 for F-104A and CEC 48258 for F-104G/J
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Each set contains 2 or 3 resin pieces on a single casting block and 1 small acetate sheet for the instrument dials.
Price: USD$3.99 each from Meteor Productions website.
Review Type: Accessory Review
Advantages: Lovely castings up to Cutting Edges normal excellent quality. Good replacement items for kit supplied parts.
Disadvantages: No notes from manufacturer on the additional resin piece in the F-104A set.
Recommendation: Recommended.


Accessory Review by Dale Smith

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge Modelworks has again come to the modellers rescue by supplying replacement instrument panels for a number of aircraft.

The two sets that I received for review are for the 1/48 scale F-104 Starfighter A and G/J models.

These are cast in a light grey resin that is perfectly molded with no air bubbles or deformities. Provided in each set is also a small clear acetate film with printed instruments. Two options for their use are given in the instructions:

  1. The modeller may choose to use them as supplied, carefully painting the instrument panel black then picking out the detail on the dials. You then delete using the instrument film altogether or:

  2. You may choose to sand the thin backings off each molding, removing the small resin holes that are left and then utilise the instrument dial film. The film will need to be painted/sprayed on the reverse side with white however, to bring out the dial faces that are in black. The film is then placed between the instrument panel face and a second piece of styrene.

Overall the process is pretty simple and can jazz up fairly dramatically any cockpit they are placed in.

The set for the F-104A had a small additional round piece in the castings that looks like a dial or perhaps some kind of winding apparatus, but was not covered in any form of note or instruction from the manufacturer. Just a hint as to what it is would have been nice.

You can check out the these items and full range of 'Cutting Edge' Modelworks products on the Meteor Productions website at www.meteorprod.com





These products from 'Cutting Edge' will enhance any F-104 cockpit that the modeller chooses to use it in. The quality from this manufacturer and the products ease of use, will ensure a good result with a minimum of effort.


Thanks to 'Cutting Edge' Modelworks for supplying the samples for review.

Review Copyright 2002 by Dale Smith
This Page Created on 21 September, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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