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Meteor Productions announce a new update for the 1/32 scale F-14A 1994 Version from Tamiya:

"The Afghan War was a "come as you are" war, unlike the Gulf War where we had many months to prepare and upgrade. The F-14A fleet was upgraded some time ago to incorporate the latest F-14B/C style RHAW gear, so they went to this war with the new gear already installed. Our Teknics F-14B & F-14D sets have always included these parts, but we've now released them separately so modelers can update their A model Tomcats to Afgan War configuration.

The set includes the GPS "golfball" mounted on the spine, the new nose gear door with integral RHAW antenna, engine inlet "knife blade" RHAW antennas, and the spine blade antenna.

This set is intended for the 1/32 Tamiya F-14A (1994 edition) kit as it already has the current gun vent configuration and other intake RHAW bumps required along with the parts included in our set. The parts might be adapted to the Revell kits, but we haven't tried it.

The F-14As have NOT been re-engined like the Bs/Ds, and continue to use the normal (kit provided) TF30 engine nozzles!"

A full review will follow in the coming weeks.

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