F-15I Ra'am Conversions

1/48 and 1/32 Scale


1/32 Scale F-15I Ra'am Conversion


Cutting Edge Modelworks


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Catalogue Number: CEC32074 & CEC48374
Scale: 1/32 and 1/48 Scales
Contents and Media: Resin conversions sets, instructions
Price: $18.99 (CEC48324), $22.99(CEC32074)
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Contains everything needed for F-15I conversion, detailed instructions and information on differences of the F-15I.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Kursad Albayraktar

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Cutting Edge has recently released Israeli F-15I conversion sets for the Tamiya F-15E kit in 1/32 scale; and the Revell-Monogram/ProModeler F-15E kit in 1/48. These sets were prepared with the help of Ra'anan Weiss of IsraDecal and Yoav Efrati; both accomplished modelers and experts in the subject matter.

The casting quality is superb; but then, this is nothing new to anybody who has seen a Cutting Edge resin set. All parts are cast in Cutting Edge's gray resin, with nicely scribed details where necessary.

Both sets contain new "turkey feather" nozzles, new tip for the port fin, various ECM and GPS antennae, the rear fuselage extensions and corrected forward CFT pylons. The 1/32 set also contains the CFT air intake for the F-15I's "uprated" engines. The 1/48 set does not have the CFT intakes since these are included in the 1/48 Revell-Monogram/ProModeler F-15E kits. Note that the instructions of the Revell-Monogram boxing do not indicate the use of these parts even though they are present in the sprues - the RM boxing does not come with decals for aircraft with the uprated engines, and as such RM did not specify their use in the instructions. The ProModeler boxing depicts a Lakenheath-based F-15E with the uprated engines, so the instructions do specify the CFT intakes.


1/48 Scale F-15I Ra'am Conversion


Meteor Productions have advised me that the instructions of the 1/48 set will be modified to explain this point so modelers will not be confused.

The single-sheet instructions have excellent drawings and explain all the external differences of the F-15I and F-15E, and the modifications necessary to convert the F-15E kits to the F-15I. There is some minor cutting and rescribing involved, but the instructions eliminate all the guesswork.




Cutting Edge F-15I conversion sets are highly recommended for any modeler interested in the F-15I.

Cutting Edge recommends these conversion sets be used in conjunction with the new IsraDecal F-15I decal sheet, and I cannot agree more. Please also see my review for the new, impressive IsraDecal F-15I sheet.

Many thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples

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