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F-4 Phantom Seats

Victory Productions


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: VPR 48003
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 2 castings in White resin.
Price: USD
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent castings with no air bubbles or casting flaws. Definite improvement in detail over kit parts. Designed to fit the 'Black Box' sets.
Recommendation: Recommended.


Reviewed by Dale Smith

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First  Look


'Victory Productions' has recently released a set of ejection seats in 1/48 scale. These items enable modellers to backdate their F-4Bs and F-4Cs with the earlier style Martin Baker Mk 5 seats that were fitted to these aircraft during the Vietnam conflict.

The seats come cast in a cream coloured resin, very much like the 'KMC' colour of old, and the newer 'Black Box' sets. The detail provided on the seats is superb, with no casting flaws or air bubbles evident in my sample. I found the casting block on the bottom of the seats was quite small , so separation after painting shouldn't be a problem.

The seats are stated to fit the 'Black Box' sets, and not being one to doubt Paul at Victory Productions' word, tried them anyway in a couple of cockpit tubs by BB that I had on hand. Both seats fitted neatly without any problems after I had removed the casting blocks. The seats also fitted the standard tub provided in the Hasegawa F-4C/D kit I had on hand. I cannot state how the seats would sit in any other manufacturers F-4 kits.

Both seats provided in the set are the same, so if you require differing belt positions/poses like the real aircraft, dig out the grinder, lead foil and the photo etched buckles. If you don't, the detail is excellent as provided. It would be nice however in these dual seat aircraft sets, to get seats with differing belt positions.





Victory Productions' early Phantom seats fill a nice niche for the F-4 modeller in either the pre-Vietnam or Vietnam eras proper. The castings are nicely done and with some careful painting will look great in that F-4 kit you have put away for a rainy day.


Thanks to Paul Cotcher at 'Victory Productions' for supplying the sample for review.

Victory Productions Decals are available direct from Victory Models Website

Review Copyright 2002 by Dale Smith
Page Created 12 August, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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