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F-86D/L Sabre Dog
Colors and Markings

by Chris Banyai-Riepl



Alga Graphics


S u m m a r y

Media and Contents: Published as a CD in HTML format by the Alga Graphics. Available via the Author's website.

1 x CD ROM; 10 historical photos; over 150 pieces of original colour artwork including aircraft profiles and unit badges; 110 walkaround photos of museum aircraft

Price: USD$40 including postage in the USA
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: Well structured; good navigation; huge array of profiles; useful exterior walkaround photos; nice modelling inspiration for new Revell-Monogram kit.
Disadvantages: CD viewing not fully transportable; no search function; no interior reference photos.
Recommendation: Recommended to modellers planning to build the new Revell-Monogram F-86D


Reviewed by Brett Green




"F-86D/L Sabre Dog Colors and Markings" is a reference publication on Compact Disk. It has been produced by Chris Banayai-Riepl, one of the talents behind the very attractive web-based magazine, Internet Modeler.

It is supplied in a clear plastic case with artwork on the front and rear covers.

The F-86 CD is divided logically into seven sections Ė History, USAF Squadrons, ANG Squadrons, Foreign Operators, Photo Walkaround, Specifications and References.

The first section commences with a succinct, 1500 word background on the aircraft, its distinguishing features, performance, prototypes and entry into service.

The bulk of material is devoted to the Squadron service of the F-86D/L. Each section covering USAF, ANG and Foreign Squadrons is sub-divided by individual Squadron. A link to each Squadron reveals text information on the unit, and usually one colour profile of a Sabre Dog associated with the particular unit. Due to the sheer bulk of USAF Squadrons (148 in all!), colour profiles are not included in every sub-section, however other Squadrons do have more than one profile. Often, artwork for the Squadron badge is also included. Coverage of foreign units generally covers more than one aircraft profile.

A photo walkaround of a restored F-86D at McChord AFB, Washington provides helpful details of the exterior of the aircraft, including plenty of close-up photos. No cockpit shots are included.

The specifications are well laid out.





Niche publishers are starting to see the value of CD-ROM "books". They offer many benefits, including flexible format, low production costs, the ability to provide luxurious colour throughout the electronic "book" and the possibility of multi-media presentation.

There are also drawbacks. The main problem is that these books can only be viewed on a computer, so for the most part, they canít be read on the train, the bus, or in the smallest room in the house!

Given this limitation, "F-86D/L Sabre Dog Colors and Markings" will provide plenty of inspiration for modellers and enthusiasts alike. It is especially appropriate following the release of the 1/48 scale Revell-Monogram Sabre Dog. The structure of the CD is logical and the quality of the profiles is good.

Recommended to modellers planning to build a Sabre Dog.

Thanks to Chris Banyai-Riepl for the review sample.

This CD is available from Alga Graphics' web page
or by contacting the author, Chris Banyai-Riepl.

Review Copyright © 2000 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 13 September, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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