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Fairey Firefly Accessories


Cooper Details




Roy Sutherland announces the re-launch of Cooper Details at the IPMS Nationals in Virginia Beach:

"I am proud to announce the relaunch of Cooper Details after an almost two and half year hiatus, brought about by a family medical crisis. Cooper Details will be in attendance at this year's IPMS/USA National Convention in Virginia Beach next week. We will be releasing 18 NEW sets, most available for the first time anywhere.

The emphasis, as before, will be on 1/48th scale WWII British and German subjects, but 1/72nd scale will be served as well. Post war subjects, especially the 50's and 60's will be the subject of future releases. The modern generation of jets are outside of the scope of my interest, so don't expect F-117 detail sets!

Here is a small taste of what will be featured at the show. My love of the Fairey Firefly has spawned three upgrade sets for the new Grand Phoenix kit. This kit is very accurate in overall shape, as it seems to have been patterned after Ian Huntley's excellent drawings that were published in SAM back in the Eighties.


Main Wheels



The first upgrade is a pair of main wheels to replace the fictional wheels included in the kit.

They are extremely detailed and the central axle nut is even castellated!

Click the thumbnail to the right to view a larger image of the kit wheel compared to the Cooper Details item.


Spinner and Propeller Blades

The second set address what is the biggest problem with this otherwise nice kit: the elongated and overly bulbous spinner and the vaguely propeller-ish blades (click the thumbnail to the right to view a larger image of the kit barrels compared to the Cooper Details items).

Much time has gone into accurately capturing the shape of the spinner (the drawings are a bit off here) and the character of the rotol blades.

See the image at the top of the page for all the parts in this set, and click the thumbnails below to view larger images comparing kit parts to Cooper Details items.


Cannon Barrels



Lastly, CD4829 addresses the somewhat klunky cannon barrels with two sets of seamless resin parts that represent both the long barrels and the short barrel fairings seen on some postwar Fireflies Mk. I airframes.

Click the thumbnail to the right to view a larger image of the kit barrels compared to the Cooper Details items.


Stop by the Cooper Details table to see what else we have. A website is in the works and should be up by the end of August. Watch Hyperscale for more new product announcements and ordering information.

Email us (after the nationals) at: cooperdetails@aol.com

Hope to see you there!

Roy Sutherland - Cooper Details"

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Text and Images Copyright by Roy Sutherland
Page Created 24 July, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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