French Guard Dragoon a' Cheval Office






Assembled, Painted & Reviewed

by Andrew Judson


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Catalogue Number and  Description HX9309 - French Guard Dragoon a' Cheval Office
Scale: 1/32 (54mm)
Price: USD$8.96
Contents and Media: One figure and one horse made up of 58 parts in white injection moulded styrene
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good looking figure; good stance; plenty of detail
Disadvantages: Many small parts; a little cleaning up involved.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Historex's 1/32 French Guard Dragoon a' Cheval Office is available online from




This is my second attempt at a Napoleonic figure, and it is mounted!

Historex's 54mm French Dragoon a' Cheval Office was one of the most involved figure models that I have had the pleasure to build. I must admit that, for a plastic kit, the figure was a very high standard.

For a plastic figure kit there were a lot of parts - 58 to be exact. The rider comprised of 27 parts ranging from the basic body parts down to individual uniform decorations and straps.

There was a little cleaning-up involved, but the pieces went together well. The only trouble I had was a couple of parts that needed trimming and reshaping to sit correctly.

The horse consists of 31 parts. Eight parts are the horse itself and the rest is saddle, straps and other bits of equipment. All went together very well.

The instructions were a little vague but the box photo was very helpful. Paints used were Valejo, Gunze and Testor.

I really enjoyed building and painting this figure set and highly recommend it to figure enthusiasts. A good challenge!



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