Focke-Wulf 190 S5/S8

MPM Expert Series

Catalogue No.: 48028
Scale: 1/48th
Media: Multimedia
Review Type: In box
Price: Paid A$38 (approx. US$26)
Rating: Recommended to Moderately Experienced Modellers

Reviewed by Brett Green

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MPM Boxart

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 S series was intended as a two-seat tandem conversion trainer. In the event, however, the type was never put into full-scale production and the number in service probably never exceeded 100. This included 58 field conversions by the fighter school at Altenburg, with the remaining two-seaters being used as high-speed liaison aircraft.

I n   t h e   B o x

MPM's two-seater Focke-Wulf is a genuine multi-media offering. It comprises 38 x grey styrene parts on two sprues, 1 x clear styrene part, 7 x resin parts, two vac-form canopies, a photo-etched brass sheet and a printed clear acetate film with the various instruments. Parts are bagged separately according to their material (i.e., 1 bag of styrene, 1 bag of resin etc). A decal sheet with options for four aircraft is also provided. The instructions are quite satisfactory with history, hints, parts breakdown, construction diagrams and markings well described.

The main fuselage and wing elements are supplied as styrene parts. As expected with a limited run kit, these parts are not to the standard of the latest Japanese releases. In fact, MPM's instructions warn the modeller that " are getting in your hands our model, which is not manufactured by the classical technology". MPM point out that the modeller will have to take special care with alignment of parts due to lack of "fixing pins".

They also warn about large sprue connection points, although they look pretty good to me. Indeed, the quality of styrene components in Czech kits has improved considerably over the last few years. Although the shiny plastic is still quite brittle and has a slightly rough texture, the panel lines are now very fine and crisp and the sprues look like they were produced in commercial metal moulds. My main gripe is the amount of flash, particularly on the fiddly bits like undercarriage legs. However, given an hour or so with fine sandpaper and a sharp hobby knife, these parts should look fine.

There is no similar complaint about the quality of the remaining components. MPM's resin parts are cast in a yellow compound which is crisp and totally free of bubbles and other imperfections. The entire cockpit tub, the undercarriage bay, the wheels and the engine cooling fan are all provided as resin parts. There are a couple of big casting blocks on the base of the cockpit and at the top of the undercarriage bay, but a razor saw should sort them out fairly quickly.

The small brass sheet, clearly manufactured by Eduard, supplies harnesses, instrument panels and oleo struts.

The modeller may choose to use the single-piece clear styrene canopy, or one of two different vacuform canopies. These vacuform canopies are not quite to the superb standard of Falcon, but they are getting close!

Finally, the decals are printed sharply but the national markings were slightly out of register. Swastikas are provided as two separate pieces each

C o n c l u s i o n

This kit will be more of a challenge to build than Tamiya or Hasegawa. However, it supplies all the parts required to make a very complete replica of this interesting variant of the Butcher Bird. The relatively low price represents excellent value considering the comprehensive detail parts. Recommended to modellers with some experience of limited run kits and all fans of the Butcher Bird.

Review by Brett Green, January 1998.
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