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Catalogue Number & Description: WA35445 “Green Devils”
Scale: 1/32 (54mm)
Contents and Media: 21 parts in cream coloured resin
Price USD$64.95
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: All pieces in resin giving nice crisp details on the building and figures.
Disadvantages: Minor seam cleanup on figures.
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Terry Ashley

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Warriors' "Green Devils" is a fully self contained mini-vignette set with a base, ruined building and three figures included; all cast in blemish free cream resin. Of the 21 resin pieces included only two are for the base and building with the other 19 devoted to the three figures.


The Base and Building

The base is a circular affair measuring 10cm (approx 4”) in diameter with a section of roadway and sidewalk plus a bit of rubble included with about 1/3 left vacant for the house ruin to be fitted. The detail is very crisp as the base is cast in resin and not plaster. This should come up well with painting.

The house ruin is also cast in resin again resulting in very crisp details.

There is detail on both the front and back of the building wall with a small section of first floor flooring with nice definition of the broken floor timbers.

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Everything is included in what is an impressive single piece casting which has the double brick walls, interior wall panelling and fittings as well a rubble on the floors.

All that is needed is careful painting to produce a useful backdrop to the figures.



The Figures

The three figures all have excellent uniform and equipment details moulded on. Each figure follows a common formula of full body with only the arms and heads separate. Much of the personal equipment is moulded onto the body which gives a good fit as they blend in with the clothing. It does make the painting a bit trickier but the overall effect is worth the effort.

The weapons are moulded integrally with the arms or hands for a good ‘sit’ which is often not the case when the weapons are separate from the hands.

The design of the figures with ‘in-action’ legs results in some minor flash and seam lines on the inside of the legs, but nothing that is a problem to eliminate.

The three figures come all packed into the one plastic bag giving you a bit of ‘jig-saw-puzzle’ exercise to match up the correct arms and heads with only the box top painting as a guide. I would have liked to see each figure in a separate bag, but this is probably a personal preference and doesn’t detract from the figures themselves.

Although the set is designed to be self contained there is nothing stopping you using the building as part of a larger diorama with the same going for the figures.

This is a well detailed kit with excellent definition due to the use of resin casting throughout with the figures in nice action poses.

Recommended for figure modellers as well as diorama builders

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Thanks to Warriors for the review sample

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