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1/48 Scale Hawk 127LIF

Preview - Updated January 15, 2002

High Planes Models


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Previewed by Mick Evans

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Hi Planes Models is preparing a 1/48 scale Hawk LIF 127 for release in the coming weeks.


Hawk Progress Update - 15 January, 2003

Here are the metal parts for the Hawk Kit and some progress Images. The kit has gone together quite well considering that it is a multi-media limited run kit. A full build review will follow when complete.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Hawk Progress Update - 20 December, 2002

I have just received the remaining plastic sprues and samples of the resin for the kit. These parts are illustrated in the images below.



Resin parts include seats with all the correct details, flap hinges, main wheels, very detailed control columns, accurate instrument panels and shrouds, canopy frames, and a blast shield in clear resin.

The only remaining work to be done is the metal cockpit tub and the instructions.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Additional Sprue


Canopy details and coaming

Instrument Panels

Seat side detail

Control Columns

Main Wheels


Hawk Progress Update - 19 September, 2002

I have just received samples of the decals and canopy to be included in the new High Planes Models 1/48 BAE Hawk Mk127.



Markings are supplied for numerous aircraft from both No 76 Sqn based at Williamtown NSW and No 79 Sqn based at Pearce in Western Australia. The colours are very accurate and the decals very clear. Decals are provided for the SMDC on the canopy and the dual formation lights. Pilots names for the aircraft are included right down to the small squadron logos next to the name. There is nothing missing on this sheet, and is the best 1/48 sheet for the Aussie MK127 to date.

The canopy is crystal clear having also been moulded by Falcon in New Zealand.


Greg Meggs from High Planes Models has sent an early shot of the fuselage mouldings. These were compared to actual drawings, and to the real aircraft. The fuselage appears to be very accurate and captures the shape well.

A photo of the fuselage halves appears as below:



Below is an image of the horizontal surfaces. A small amount of cleanup was required but the result is impressive. The vortex generators are finely detailed and even have a base plate, as do the formation light brackets near the wing tips. The wing fences have a base plate moulded to the wing and care needs to be taken not to sand this off.



My only disappointment is that the flaps are moulded in the raised position. Hawks always have the flaps in the full down position when parked. The good news is the actuator shrouds are to moulded separately. This will make it easier to cut off and drop the flaps. I will detail this in the build review as there is a horizontal flap vane along the leading edge of the flap.

The wings look very accurate and finely detailed to me.

I have already offered the wing assembly to the fuselage, and the fit appears to be very good so far. We will see what happens when the resin parts arrive!

Further information from High Planes is that the fuselage, wings, and some minor parts will be presented in limited run injection plastic; the cockpit, seats and some other bits will be in resin; and the canopy will be vac form from Falcon.

Decals will be provided for both 76Sqn & 79 Sqn RAAF. 


Hawk 127LIF Data

The Hawk Mk127 is the combination of a 100 series fuselage with a 200 series wing. The main visible difference between the 200 series wing and 100 series wing is the number of wing fences. Greg has left the task of depicting the wing fences to the modeller to make from plastic card due to accuracy and moulding limitations.

A new avionics package with 3 colour multi function displays, an upgraded APU, MK10L ejection seats, onboard oxygen generation, bolt on in-flight refuel probe, and a new rudder linkage system are the main differences to other 100 series Hawks. These changes were made to make the transition to the Hornet easier.

High Planes plans to market the kit the future with different nationality markings to make a number of 100 series Hawks.

Thanks to High Planes Models for the preview samples.

Review Copyright 2003 by Mick Evans
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Last updated 22 July, 2003

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