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Junkers Ju 88S-1/T-1


AMtech's 1/72 scale Junkers Ju 88S (photo source - AMtech)



S u m m a r y

Catalogue No. & Description Item #7299202
Price: USD$21.98 Recommended Retail Price
Contents and Media: 94 pieces in long-run injection moulded plastic; 8 parts in clear injection moulded plastic
Scale: 1/72
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High quality mouldings (sourced from AMT); crisp recessed panel lines; welcome variation on available kits; great colour schemes; excellent quality decals with six options (three for forthcoming Ju 88S-3/T-3).
Disadvantages: No engine cooling fans; tricky fit in some areas (including engine nacelles); funny shaped spinner and propeller blades.
Recommendation: Recommended 


Reviewed by Brett Green

AMtech's Ju 88S-1/T-1 may be ordered online from Squadron.com




AMtech has embarked on a two-pronged release strategy. They are releasing brand new mouldings including the Ta 183 and the forthcoming Black Widows in 1/48 scale; and they have also taken advantage of several dormant AMT moulds to package new variants of some older favourite kits. The first example of the latter strategy was their 1/48 scale P-40E.

The next new variation on the AMT theme is a 1/72 scale Junkers Ju 88S-1/T-1.

The Ju 88S was an attempt to create a faster, multi-role variant with the installation of BMW801D air-cooled radial engines, the deletion of the gondola, and the reduction of the crew to three. The Ju 88S-1 was the bomber version. This model featured a bomb load of only 1,000 kg to maximise performance. The Ju 88T-1 was the fairly rare reconnaissance version.

AMtech's 1/72 scale Junkers Ju 88S-1/T-1 kit includes all the correct components to create either the bomber or the reconnaissance aircraft. Most of the kit parts have been seen in the AMT Ju 88 releases of the early 1990s - the core fuselage, wing, undercarriage and cockpit parts in all the kits, the tail components in the A and C variants and the BMW801D engines in the Ju 88G kit - but never in this combination. The unique distinguishing element of the Ju 88S and T series, the streamlined clear nosecone, is supplied on a new sprue of transparent parts.



94 styrene parts are supplied, along with 8 parts in clear. The moulding quality of all the parts is very impressive - no sink marks, scars or other visible blemishes on any of the parts. Surface detail is by way of fine, crisp recessed panel lines.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Detail is adequate in the cockpit. The wheels wells are simplified to ensure a solid bond for the undercarriage gear, but the main gear doors are closed on the ground anyway so the detail will not be greatly missed. The solid moulded actuators for the ailerons and flaps look a little chunky when viewed side-on, but they will be acceptable to most modellers (myself included).


Ron's Resin replacement Ju 88G-1 / S / T nacelle set

The main omission from the kit is the engine cooling fans. Being at the very front of each engine nacelle, these fans were very prominent and it will be quite obvious that they are missing. In the same general area, the shape of the spinner is a bit too conical, and the propeller blades should be slightly slimmer in the middle with a smoother curve along their length. These problems are directly inherited from the original AMT Ju 88G kit.

In my collection, I have a correction set from Ron's Resin for the old AMT kit (pictured to the right) which will be equally applicable to the AMtech Ju 88S/T kits. The simple set comprises a one-piece nacelle, plus a separate cooling fan and spinner presented in resin. This correction set will also address the tricky fit of the nacelle parts reported by modellers who have built the Ju 88G-1 variant. I have test-fitted the nacelles against the kit with very encouraging results. It will be a simple matter to sand the curve on both sides of each propeller blade as a final correction before assembly.

Six decal options are provided, although only three are applicable to the Ju 88S-1/T-1. The three applicable options are:

  • Ju 88S-1 of 4./KG 1 in France 1944. Wave-Mirror pattern in RLM 76 over standard 70/71 camouflage.

  • Ju 88S-1 of 3./KG 66 in France during 1944. RLM 75 mottle over 76 on upper surfaces; Black lower surfaces with a high demarcation line on the rear fuselage.

  • Ju 88T-1 of 2.(F)/123 in Italy during 1943. Standard 70/71/65 camouflage.



The remaining markings will be used on the Jumo-powered Ju 88S-3/T-3 kit due for release in the coming months.





AMtech's Junkers Ju 88S-1/T-1 will be a very welcome addition to any 1/72 scale Ju 88 collection. These aircraft certainly carried amongst the most colourful and varied camouflage finishes of any Ju 88 variant.

The AMtech kit is well moulded and generally accurate. Decals are excellent. With the addition of engine cooling fans, a faithful replica of this fast bomber and reconnaissance aircraft will be possible with very little extra effort.


Thanks to AMtech for the review sample.

AMtech models are available from good hobby shops and online retailers. For more information about AMtech future releases, please see their Preview page here on HyperScale

Review and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
except Title Image Copyright 2002 by AMtech
Page Created 28 August, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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