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Catalogue Number, Description and Price: CEC48301 OS2U Corrected Cowl USD$12.99
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 2 pieces in medium grey resin; instructions.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Perfectly cast; open cowl flaps; detailed firewall; major improvement for kit.
Disadvantages: No engine supplied
Recommendation: Recommended 


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Meteor Productions obviously have a bee in their bonnet about the old 1/48 scale Monogram OS2U Kingfisher. Hot on the heels of two sets of Yellowhammer decals comes this corrected cowl set. We will also soon see a full replacement cockpit set, and yet another big chunk of resin to replace the main float.

Despite its age, the venerable 1/48 scale Monogram Kingfisher is still an attractive kit. Typical of kits of its vintage, the Kingfisher has its engine moulded integral with the cowl ring. This obviously compromises detail.

Cutting Edge's new "OS2U Corrected Cowl" set includes a one-piece replacement cowl with open cowl flaps, plus a detailed firewall. The parts are perfectly cast in grey resin. The cowl flaps include detail on the inside surfaces - very nicely done. Take care when removing the ring of resin waste around the cowl flaps, as the flaps look quite delicate.

The instructions are smaller than usual, but there is not much to tell - "cut along this panel line...".

The only surprise is that no engine is supplied, and the instructions state that Cutting Edge does not intend to make one. However, they do advise that Engines and Things produce the relevant powerplant.

This is a simple correction set that will improve the detail of your Kingfisher in conjunction with an "Engines and Things" engine. Add the cockpit, floats, decals plus a Squadron vacform canopy and you're looking at a serious superdetailing project!


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