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Catalogue No: KD 4805Fw - "Wurger - A & F"
KD4806Bf - "Gustav and Kurfust"
KD4807Ff - "Odds and Ends 1944/45"
Contents: All sets - One decal sheet with US "Letter" sized, colour printed painting illustrations and separate text painting instructions
Price: Each USD$10.95 from Pacific Coast Models
Scale: 1/48
Review Type: Application
Advantages: Perfect printing and register; thin decals and minimal carrier film; fascinating subjects; great instructions; thorough research.
Disadvantages: Limited production; delicate - care required.
Recommendation: Highly recommended for any late-war Bf 109 or Fw 190 fanciers.



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F i r s t L o o k


These three decal sets were originally released in 1998. Until Ken Lawrence from Pacific Coast Models sent me these review samples a few weeks ago, I believed that some or all of them were unavailable. These decals are just as appealing now as they were when originally released, so it is great to see them back in circulation.

Brown Ryle of Kommandeur Decals had a knack for selecting interesting subjects. These three sheets from Kommandeur contain some really colourful and thought provoking camouflage and markings.

KD4805Fw continues Kommandeur's theme from the previous four sheets with four Focke-Wulf 190s. Two Fw 190A-8s and two Fw 190F-8s are from different units and locations, but are all very late-war aircraft that wear patchy, unorthodox colour schemes. I particularly like Yellow 14. It features great swathes of a light colour (77 primer?) on the wings, in combination with two of the late-war greens; mostly unpainted undersurfaces and a very pale tail.



KD4806Bf ventures into the rich waters of Bf 109 markings. Two Gs and two K-4s are covered. They are equally colourful and quirky as the subjects on the previous sheet. One of the K-4s is a Night Attack aircraft of NJG11 in overall 76 White-Blue with 81/83 mottling! A nice little bonus is the inclusion of late-war stencil data - simplified yellow outline fuel triangles, markings for wheels, stencils for undercarriage legs, rudder pedals, wing-walks and much more.

KD4807Ff presents one big-tailed Fw 190D-9 with Yellow/White/Yellow JG2 RVD bands and a sky-green fuselage; a Fw 190A-7 with toned down markings; a late F-8 with unfinished lower surfaces; a Bf 109 G-6 from Italy in 1944 and a Bf 109G-10 night attack aircraft in overall 76. The decals for this night-attack Gustav were based on photos provided to KommanDeur by HyperScale regular, Charlie Swank.



I actually had two models finished and awaiting these decals, so when the postman arrived I got straight on with the job.

The decals are all in perfect register and carrier film has been kept to an absolute minimum. They are ultra-thin and therefore delicate. Make sure that the surface of the model is quite wet to allow positioning of the decals without sticking or stretching.

They responded well to my usual application of Micro Set, sucking nicely down into panel lines. The spinner spirals were sufficiently forgiving to allow me plenty of time to get them properly lined up.

These decals look great on the model even before a flat top-coat.

KommanDeur Decals are produced in limited numbers. If you are a fan of the Wurger, the Gustav or the Kurfust, pick up these decals while you can!

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Ken from Pacific Coast Models
and E. Brown Ryle III from KommanDeur Decals for the review samples

KommanDeur Decals are now available from Pacific Coast Models website.

Review Text, Models and Images Copyright 1998 by Brett Green
Decal Sheet Images Copyright 1998 by KommanDeur Decals
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