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Fw 190

Part 1

Decal Sheet
in 1/48 Scale



Lifelike Decals



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S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: 48001
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 1 x A5 sized decal sheet; 1 x full colour double-sided A-4 instruction sheet; 1 x single-sided A5 sized stencil placement guide
Price: Unknown at this time
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Four broad and interesting subjects; good historical and colour notes; attractive artwork; stencils and spinner spirals supplied
Recommendation: Recommended.


Previewed by Brett Green


F i r s t   L o o k


Lifelike Decals is a new company from Japan. Their first release is "Focke-Wulf Fw190 Part 1".

Although the Würger has been well covered by decal manufacturers over the decades, this is the first time I can remember seeing markings for several of these interesting Fw 190s in decal form. The four subjects are:

  • Fw 190A-3, Yellow 1 of Erich Rudorffer, 6/JG2,

  • Fw 190A-7, White 9 of Adolf Glunz, 5/JG26, D-9,

  • <- of Hans-Ulrich Rudel, SG2 and

  • D-9, Yellow 11 of Guenter Rey, 11/JG54

It is nice to see a selection of Würgers, from the first large-scale production variant (the A-3) to the last (the D-9). There are some very worthy kits available for all of these variants. Tamiya's Fw 190A-3 and D-9 will be suitable straight from the box (with the Dragon/Italeri Doras also worthwhile), and the A-7 can easily be obtained by minor modification to the Dragon Fw 190A-8 (see John Beaman's "Würger Genesis" article on HyperScale for details of the differences between the Fw 190A-7 and A-8).

Both the "A"s are finished in 74/75 greys, while the Doras are painted in the later scheme of 75 Grey-Violet and 83 Dark Green.

The decals are printed by Propagteam. They are very thin and carrier film is close to the edge of all the markings. Registration is good and printing is crisp. One full set of stencil decals is supplied.

Instructions are supplied on a folded A4 full colour sheet. The history and colours of each aircraft are called out over several paragraphs.

This is an attractive decal package that permits the modeller to use the markings on several different models.


Thanks to Keishiro Nagao of Lifelike Decals for the review sample.

Lifelike Decals are available by email at lifelike@eos.ocn.ne.jp or from

2-8-7-202, Kameari, Katsushika, Tokyo 125-0061, Japan
fax: +81-3-5680-6733

Review Copyright © 2002 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 01 April, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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