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Announcement & Preview


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Announcement and Preview


Meteor Productions has provided the following announcement as a preview of the lineup in the forthcoming "Lift Off" series. A full review will follow in the coming weeks:

"Meteor Productions announces the liftoff of a new series of super scale resin sets:


Lift Off Series®
from Cutting Edge Modelworks!

Here are our first two sets in a continuing series of missile and rocketry related kits. You've learned you can trust Cutting Edge Modelworks to give you the best researched, most accurate, and best produced sets in the modeling world, and now we¹re bringing our expertise to missiles & rockets!

Our liftoff sets are 1/144 resin kits of two popular subjects:


CELO44001 Vostok Launcher
full resin kit $49.99

NASA patternmaker Ben Guenther mastered this kit. It accurately depicts the Vostok and R-7 launcher in the Gagarin flight configuration.

This is a full resin kit which avoids the accuracy problems with the Airfix and AER Vostok kits, and does not require any other parts to complete.

Molded as usual in our strong gray resin, it builds into a beautiful representation of the most famous Soviet space launcher.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


CELO44002 Pegasus XL Rocket Booster
& L-1011 Launcher Pylon/Adapter $17.99

Again mastered by NASA patternmaker Ben Guenther, this kit faithfully represents the newest variant of Orbital¹s Pegasus rocket booster used to launch payloads into orbit. The set includes the pylon/adapter used on the OSC Lockheed L-1011 mother jet.




Coming Soon!

  • CELO44003 Pegasus XL Rocket Booster & B-52 Launcher Pylon

  • CELO44004 Sputnik Launcher full resin kit

  • CELO44005 Soviet R-7/SS-6 Sapwood ICBM full kit

As always, these and thousands of other fine model kits, conversions, decals, and accessories are available at!"

Thanks to Meteor Productions for the text and images

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