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Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory



Parts 1 and 3




Cutting Edge Modelworks



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: CED48164 and CED48166
Scale: 1/48 scale.
Contents and Media: Each 1 decal sheet 203mm x137mm; 1 letter-sized colour placement guide; 1 small supplementary text sheet
Price: each USD$8.99
Review Type: First Look.
Advantages: Great looking and unusually finished late-war subjects; good instructions; perfect register.
Disadvantages: Some ambiguity regarding colours - check your references and make up your own mind!
Recommendation: Recommended.


Reviewed by Brett Green

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions


F i r s t   L o o k


The eight subjects on Cutting Edge's two new 1/48 scale decal sheets are all based on photos in JaPo's 2001 book release, "Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory 1945". Some of the subjects also appear in WWP's "Luftwaffe in Detail  - Air War Over The Czech Lands".

The decal subjects depict abandoned or wrecked Focke-Wulf 190F-8s and D-9s photographed in the weeks and months following the end of the war in Europe. Aircraft operating in or near Czecholslovakia frequently featured Southern Theatre identification markings including yellow nose cowl bands, yellow rudders, and unique underwing markings.

None of the aircraft wears a completely standard finish, and most display unusually heavy weathering, fading and peculiar shades.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to guess possible colour combinations on these late-war Luftwaffe aircraft. It is especially interesting when there are good photos to work from, as is the case with these subjects.

The contents of the sheets are listed below. Where appropriate, I have added my own thoughts about possible colours and markings. Please note that these are simply my opinions, and I do acknowledge alternative views!

CED 48164

Wurger subjects covered in set CED 48164 are:

  1. Black 4 of II./SG 10's Staff flight. This Fw 190A-8 has an unusual yellow cowl ring that extends to the front of the fuselage and dark, heavy overpainting of the fuselage. The instructions acknowledge that the colour might be either 81 Brown Violet or 83 Dark Green. The overspray is very dark and thickly applied - looks like 83 to me. It even appears darker than the black "4" and gruppe/staff identification bars (could these markings really be a different colour - say, blue?). Also, in the photo, there appears to be evidence of a narrow yellow fuselage band immediately behind the balkenkreutz. This band might be oversprayed in a paler colour than the 81 or 83 on the remainder of the rear fuselage. Further to this fascinating mix, the bottom half of the balkenkreutz is completely covered with either (most likely) a killer exhaust stain, or the overspray colour. Lower wheel covers are missing too.

  2. White 2 of 7./SG 10. 75 Grey Violet cowl with heavy application of 83 or 81 on the mid and rear fuselage. Yellow cowl band and underwing "vee", with upper wings in 75/83.

  3. Black 2 of 7./SG 10.  This upgraded Fw 190A-7 wears early-style crosses, has a very pale fin and probably retains mid-war 74/75 grey camouflage. Earlier unit markings are overpainted with a medium colour, perhaps RLM 02 Grey.

  4. White 4 of 7./SG 10. Hard-edged grey and dark green finish with yellow cowl ring and underwing yellow "vee".



CED 48166

Wurger subjects covered in set CED 48164 are:

  1. Black 6 of Stab. II/SG 10. This is my favourite subject from these two sheets! Yellow cowl band overpainted with white 70. Black "6" with white outline and II Gruppe plus additional bar. The airframe is finished in a standard patter, probably of 75 Grey Violet and 83 Dark Green (possibly 74/75), but both colours are very faded. Large, well defined mottles have been applied to the fuselage spine over the faded Grey. The colour was possibly RLM 81 Brown Violet, used in an effort to improve concealment of the aircraft on the ground.

  2. Black 2 of Stab. II/SG 10. The radio hatch is open in the photograph. I reckon this hatch obscures the small supplementary bar in front of the fuselage hakenkreutz. Fortunately, a decal for this small arrow-headed bar may be borrowed from two other subjects on the sheet if the modeler wants to add it to their model. An old number has been painted out in either black or possibly RLM 70 Black Green. This aircraft otherwise wears a similar finish to Black 6, but is even more faded to the extent that the upper fuselage appear to be different shades of the same colour. The lighter colour on the upper wings is extremely pale. A few large spots (in grey or 81 Brown Violet) have been painted on the starboard upper wing near the trailing edge. The tail of this aircraft sports a remarkable eight-digit werknummer. Several Fw 190s wore these peculiarly-formatted werknummers. It is possible that they were all rebuilt at a single field repair facility (perhaps Halle).

  3. Red 2 or Black 2 of SG 77. This aircraft appears to have been originally finished in 74/75 or 75/83 upper surfaces. A dark overspray has been added, and the yellow cowl ring has been painted out with a darker colour.

  4. Fw 190D-9 with Stab. II/SG 10. This is a fairly standard machine in 83/75 upper surfaces, but interesting markings  ( <4 - + - ).

The colour artwork for all eight subjects depict variations in the lower surface colours, from the "official" interpretation of RLM 76 Light Blue to the green/blue "sky" shades sometimes observed on late-war Wurgers. As accurate interpretation would be very difficult without colour photos, the choice of undersurface shade is left with the modeller.





Even before thinking about what kit to use for these decals, I have already enjoyed investigating the subjects on these new Cutting Edge releases. Imagine how much fun it will be to actually paint some of these Wurgers!

The variety of the colours and markings, plus the ready availability of reference photos in the JaPo and WWP books, will make these decals a welcome release for Luftwaffe fans.


Many thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples. 

Cutting Edge Decals are available from Meteor Productions Website

Review and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 07 May, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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