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Me 262
Volume Three

By J.Richard Smith & Eddie J.Creek




Classic Publications



S u m m a r y

ISBN: 1-903223-00-8
Media: Hardcover book with dust jacket; 303mm x 206mm format; 228 pages; more than 300 photos in total including some wartime colour pictures; colour pictures also of detail areas of a restored aircraft and museum pieces; colour artwork by Tom Tullis, Eddie J Creek and Arthur Bentley.
Price: 35.00 plus shipping, online from Classic Publications
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Excellently printed and bound. Superb reference source. Tom Tullis artwork.
Disadvantages: Somewhat expensive to collect the whole series
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Dale Smith

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Recently received from 'Classic Books' in the UK, is Volume 3 of the excellent series of books by these authors on the Me 262 Jet Fighter of the Luftwaffe and its service in WW 2.

I've always been a fan of the Me 262 and was very excited when the first two volumes were released over the last couple of years. The books were an excellent reference source, however my budget at the time did not allow purchase of the books, so this review was an offer too good to refuse!

The book starts out at Chapter 14, following on from the first 2 volumes and for the next few chapters explores night fighter development of the Me 262 that was needed in an effort to counter the continuing rampage of RAF Mosquitos' that due to their speed, were roaming virtually unchallenged over Germany. Development of the Me 262 single seat and twin seat versions with the different forms of radar are covered. Later chapters then move on to the day fighter war. Combat reports from both sides, that make rivetting reading are supplied with cross reference also made to losses from both sides. As well as the reference pictures, artwork is supplied by Tom Tullis that is excellent. Coverage is supplied of the number of Me 262 airframes that fell into the allies hands both during and after the war, with their present whereabouts stated and colour pictures supplied of the relative museum pieces given that are an excellent reference source for all you scratchbuilders out there.

A part of the book that I found extremely interesting is the day by day reference to operations that list clashes with the allies as well as losses. These operational lists cover from 2 December 1944 to the 31st of March 1945. It was a sad fact working with the Me 262, that a pilots life did not last very long due to the difficult nature of flying the aircraft, lack of training and the continual problems with the engines, undercarriage and aircraft in general that did not help matters. If these problems could have been overcome, the outcome of the air war in Europe may have well been a different story. Chapter 17  was interesting in that it dealt with the ongoing problems between the fighter pilot ranks and the Luftwaffe hierarchy and Goering relating to the use of the Me 262 , that finished in a near 'mutiny' led by many high ranking pilots such as Galland and Steinhoff. This 'mutiny' led in the end to the formation of JV 44 and its associated story. The Allies concern over the Me 262 are also covered in Chapter 18.

Excellent line drawings are supplied (scale was not stated, but they appear to be 1/72 scale) that cover the full aircraft in general and then other larger drawings that cover numerous parts of the airframe, and the masses of Tom Tullis artwork throughout the book is absolutely superb. There are also two Appendices at the rear of the book that deal with the ongoing problems with the undercarriage (one of the major 'Achilles Heels' with the design ) and also the Pilot's Operating Instructions





This book was an enthralling read that I found difficult at times to put down.

The absolute mass of reference photos, both colour and black and white, with the Eddie J Creek's and Tom Tullis' artwork, make this book a must have for all the Me 262 fans out there.

This volume alone has masses invaluable information.

Volume 4 is also now available, and this will be the subject of a further review in coming weeks.

Highly Recommended.

Many thanks to Classic Publications for the review sample.

Me 262 Volumes 1-4, and other Classic books, may be purchased through
specialist bookstores worldwide or from Classic Publications Website

Review Copyright 2001 by Dale Smith
Page Created 17 December, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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