Messerschmitt Me 410 Cockpit Detail Set

Czech Master Kits (CMK)



Catalogue No.: 4007
Scale: 1/48
Media: Resin, photo etched, photo film, vac-form
Review Type: In Box
Rating: Recommended

Reviewed by David Lake

S u m m a r y

Contents: 15 Resin parts, 20 photo etched, 6 film panels, 2 clear vac parts
Price: $18.98 usd
Advantages: Fills in missing areas of the kit cockpit with overall good detailing.
Disadvantages: Clear vacform canopy is not an improvement over the kit part and quality control
can vary from box to box.
Recommendation: Recommended to Luftwaffe Fans


F i r s t L o o k

This detail set seems to have generated a lot of interest since first appearing on the Hannants web page as a new item. The resin parts are molded in a light tan polyurethane. The level of detail is what we have come to expect from the Eastern European after market companies. Side consoles are well detailed. The rudder pedals with their associated hydraulic units are little jewels. The photo etched parts are not as sharp as we might see in Eduard or FM sets but they are acceptable. Photo etching is provided for the instrument panels, assorted levers and handles. The vacformed canopy is molded in one piece and not as clear and distortion free as a Squadron or Falcon item.

Where this set excels is the rear cockpit treatment. Detail has been added to the floor in the way of various lines, hoses and boxes. New left and right sidewall panels fit into the kit fuselage above the rear gunner’s tub. These panels provide the massive electrical panels and the oxygen panels and hoses missing from the Monogram kit. The Monogram radio panel finishes out this area. When assembled and painted the rear pit is going to look very, very busy and complete.

The front resin tub replaces the Monogram tub. Side console detail is excellent and complete. The various levers, handles and instrument panels are provided for with photo-etched parts. A new pilot’s seat is provided in the correct pan form and is complete with a "tuck & rolled" seat pad and molded seat belts. The rear gunner’s seat also comes with molded belts. Resin backing plates for the photo-etched panels are provided with the needed instrument housings on the back sides.


C o n c l u s i o n


Overall this set is well detailed and somewhat better that what CMK produced for the He-219 kit. The resin parts appear to fit well into the Monogram fuselage. While all of the parts are molded free of bubbles there does seem to be some variation in sharpness from box to box. Out of three sets, one set was noticeably softer in the sharpness of the side console and seat belt detail.

This set can be recommended to anyone looking for more detail in their Me-410. I’m looking forward to getting on with a build up using this set.

Review Copyright 1998 by David Lake
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