Messerschmitt Me 410B Engine Set

Czech Master Kits (CMK)



Catalogue No.: 4008
Scale: 1/48
Media: Resin
Review Type: In Box
Rating: Recommended

Reviewed by David Lake

S u m m a r y

Contents: 41 Resin Parts
Price: $18.98 usd
Advantages: Provision for opening one engine bay and both main wheel wells.
Disadvantages: No provision made for wiring or plumbing.
Recommendation: Recommended


F i r s t L o o k

There seems to be a growing trend toward opening up engine bays especially on the contest circuit. This CMK set allows for opening up one engine bay on the Monogram Me-410. The engine itself is cast in a light tan resin and is well detailed and bubble free. The engine consists of the block, supercharger snail housing, and engine accessories. No material or instructions are provided for additional wiring and plumbing of the engine. There are a couple of good references available that show the appropriate wiring and plumbing. This can be reproduced using sprue, wire or solder. The cowl panels are nicely scribed and have internal structure detail. A set of exhaust pipes which have had the exhaust ends opened up are provided for both nacelles. In addition to the exhausts, a full set of resin exhaust shields are provided to replace the kit parts.

This set also makes provision for showing both main wheel wells open. Normally an Me-410 will have these doors closed while on the ground. The CMK set provides a pair of nicely detailed wheel tubs to drop into the wing after removing the appropriate areas of the Monogram kit. Bulkheads are provided for the front of the wells. New resin main gear doors are provided. Resin retraction struts are provided to replace the kit parts.


C o n c l u s i o n


This detail set provides a good starting point for a super-detailing project. The open engine bay and wheel wells will make the model at least look different from the other fifty or so sitting on the contest tables. Provided, of course, the other fifty or so entrants didn’t use the same set. Even if the engine is not used, the refined exhaust system is a nice touch. This set looks to fit the Monogram kit with little or no problem. Provision for at least some type of wiring and plumbing instruction would have been nice but is not a major stumbling block.

This set can be recommended to anyone wanting to take the next step in detailing their 410.

Review Copyright 1998 by David Lake
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