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 September/October 2002



Mirage Hobby products are available online from Squadron.com




Mirage Hobby has announced the forthcoming release of the following 1/48 scale aircraft, 1/400 scale ships and 1/72 scale armour kits for September and October 2002:


1/48 Aircraft

Click thumbnails to view larger product images:

 Stock No. Description Image
48101 PZL P-11c Polish Air Force (+photoetch)
48102 PZL P-11c with bombs (+resin, photoetch)
48103 PZL P-11c Rumanian Air Force (+photoetch)


1/400 Scale Ships

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Stock No. Description  
40032 "ORP Metalowiec" (Tarantul I corvette)
40230 Tarantul III 1241.1M small missile ship
40232 "Hiddensee" (German Navy / US Navy Tarantul  I)
40420 Tarantul II missile corvette (AK176 or AK725 system)
40421 "RKA-71" (Tarantul IV corvette with Kortik system  )
40422 "Project 1241.8"  missile corvette with AA "Uran" system
40423 "PSKR-219" Pauk I guardship KGB
40424 "MPK 254" Pauk I small ASW ship
40425 PSK "BG-50 Grigoriy Kuropyatnikov" Pauk I Ucrainian Navy
40426 "Novorossiysk" Pauk II corvette
40427 "Athay" Indian Navy Pauk II corvette


1/72 Scale Armour

Click thumbnails to view larger product images:

 Stock No. Description  
72605 AT-1 Assault Gun
72606 T-26TN Armoured Observation Post
72607 T-26TB Ammunition Carrier
72608 TP-26 Armoured Personnel Carrier
72609 T-26 model 1933 light tank
72610 T-26A 76,2 mm support tank
72611 T-26C model 1937/45mm Gun
72612 T-26C model 1939 Light Tank
72613 T-26C Applique Armour
72614 "Chemical tank" OT-130/1
72615 OT-130/2 "Chemical tank"
72616 OT-133 Flame thrower Tank
72617 Light Tank T-26LH/45
72618 Flame thrower Tank OT-134AA
72619 C740 (r) German Tank
72620 Light tank T-26 "Finland-45"


Thanks to Wojciech B. Bulhak from Mirage Hobby for this advance release information.


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