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Catalogue Number, Description & Price: CEC48346 - Sea Fury Super Detailed Cockpit. USD$17.99
CEC48360 - Sea Fury Exterior Detailing Set. USD$19.99
CEC48341 - Tempest/Sea Fury Seat with harness. USD$7.99
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: CEC48346 - 16 parts in grey resin; 1 acetate instrument sheet
CEC48360 - 16 parts in grey resin; 8 parts in white metal
CEC48341 - 2 parts in grey resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High level of detail; beautiful casting; will represent a major transformation of the kit; easy parts removal and cleanup (cockpit).
Disadvantages: Black painted cockpit won't show off all the detail.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended if building the Hobbycraft Sea Fury.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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It might be argued that the Hawker Sea Fury was the ultimate operational piston engine fighter aircraft. As such, the Sea Fury deserves a respectable place in the modelling world.

The sole injection moulded tribute to the Sea Fury in 1/48 scale is the Hobbycraft kit. The outline of this model is quite accurate, it is inexpensive, fits together reasonably well and is still widely available in various boxings. However, the kit features heavily engraved panel lines, no cockpit or wheel well detail to speak of and a few other shortcomings.

Cooper Details released two detail sets for the Sea Fury early in the 1990s. Both sets were remarkably detailed for their day and beautifully cast. Some years later, Hawkeye Designs took over the production and marketing of these sets and now Cutting Edge has adopted the Hawkeye range.

Cutting Edge has made a number of changes to these excellent releases. These changes have been primarily made to the  cockpit set (for example, the inclusion of the acetate instrument option, cast-on harnesses etc) in order to bring it into line with more recent releases from Cutting Edge.

All the parts in both sets are beautifully cast. There are no imperfections on either of my samples.


Sea Fury Super Detailed Cockpit

Cutting Edge's Sea Fury Super Detailed Cockpit comprises 16 parts in grey resin and one acetate instrument sheet.

The cockpit tub is cast with the side consoles and forward bulkhead in place. The floor is nicely detailed, and the consoles bristle with switches, buttons and indicators. The seat is impressive too. Its sidewalls are very thin, and a backrest cushion is depicted behind the moulded-on harness. Two styles of instrument panel are supplied - solid with dials to be painted, and perforated to display the acetate instruments. Two control columns are provided in case one of these delicate little items disappears into the carpet.

The remainder of the set is made up of upper sidewall detail, rudder pedals and a chunky gunsight.

This set should be very simple to assemble and install. It should not even be necessary to remove the shallow casting block from the bottom of the cockpit tub.

The only disadvantage with this set is that the cockpit of the real aircraft is painted black, hiding all of that lovely detail! I suggest that the resin cockpit should be painted dark grey, and highlighted with a black wash.

The seat is also available separately in a twin pack (stock number CEC48341). This seat is suitable for the Tempest as well as the Sea Fury.



Sea Fury Exterior Detailing Set

Cutting Edge's Sea Fury Exterior Detailing Set comprises 16 parts in grey resin and 8 more in white metal.

This set totally replaces the undercarriage and the wheel bay, all three wheels, tail hook, propellers and spinner. It also adds new drop tanks, lower fuselage louvres and a crew entry stirrup.



Detail on all parts is excellent. The interior of the wheel well includes structural detail and plumbing. The wheels are very slightly flattened but not bulged - quite appropriate for this type. The profile of the spinner and propeller blades is a big improvement over the kit parts. The white metal parts are smooth and clean. Also, the advantage of white metal undercarriage legs (apart from their strength) is their ability to be adjusted after being glued in place.



Fortunately, the entire resin waste does not have to be removed from the large wheel well casting, but I will be tempted to do so anyway.



Once the larger resin parts have been removed from their blocks, construction will be quite straightforward. The biggest issue will be fitting the upper wings over the wheel wells. As the instructions suggest, grind the plastic on the inside of the upper wing and keep testing until a snug fit is achieved.





If you want to build an accurate and detailed 1/48 scale Sea Fury, these new releases from Cutting Edge are the most straightforward way to do it.

The addition of the cockpit and exterior sets will transform the Hobbycraft Sea Fury to a faithful and detailed replica. I would also recommend a Falcon vacform canopy to help show off all that lovely cockpit detail!

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

Cutting Edge Modelworks products are available from Meteor Productions Website

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Text and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett T. Green
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Last updated 22 July, 2003

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