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U-Boot "Seehund"
1/200 Scale




Planet Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: NS 010
Scale: 1/200
Price: USD$10.96 from Squadron.com
Contents and Media: 9 parts in cream coloured resin, 1 x photo etched fret
Review Type: Construction
Advantages: Interesting subject; quite detailed despite size; very quick build; doesn't take up much space!
Disadvantages: Might have been nice to have photo-etch props
Recommendation: Recommended 


Reviewed by Brett Green




People find many ways to challenge boundaries. Some climb mountains. Some push vehicles or aircraft to the limit. 

Planet Models have challenged the boundary of size - how small can they make a detailed model?

Planet Models 1/200 scale U-Boot "Seehund" is a simple model. It comprises only 9 parts in cream-coloured resin, and a photo-etched fret that folds up into a stand with an integrated name plate. 

The model is tiny. Although 1/200 might usually be considered a large scale for ships and boats, this was a midget submarine with a two-person crew. The "Seehund" is only about 5.5cm long - not much bigger than 2".



All parts are cleanly cast and detail is quite crisp for this scale and size. There was one pinhole in each torpedo, but this imperfection was simply dealt with by facing the pinhole against the hull when the torpedos were secured to the hull. The parts are all very easily removed from their thin casting strips. I'd recommend a very sharp knife for the torpedo mounts, as this will make cleaning up these delicate parts much easier. 

Instructions are adequate, although you will need to refer to the box to check the position of the torpedos. Colours are called out on the instruction sheet. You'd better enjoy black colour schemes!



The box is sturdy, and the parts are also protected by foam chips and a compartmentalised plastic bag. Full marks for packaging.





I removed the parts from their casting blocks and tidied them up with my hobby knife and a sanding stick. There was a tiny seam line on the top and bottom of the torpedos that I removed at the same time. 

The area around the propeller was obscured with a thin wafer of flash. The hobby knife also made short work of this.

The circular shroud behind the propeller was cast solid. I decided that this looked a bit obvious even in this scale, so I hollowed out the end with a blunt hobby knife.



The instructions imply that the torpedo mounts should be attached to the hull, then the torpedos attached to the mounts. I found it far easier to first attach the torpedos to the hull side using the ridge as a guide, then add the mounts over the top of the torpedo. Small depressions are supplied on the hull side to help locate the torpedo mounts. They were quite sufficient for the job.

With the torpedos in place, the next construction task was the addition of the horizontal stabilisers. Despite the lack of locating guides, these were aligned with no trouble. 

All of these parts were secured with slow-drying super glue gel.

Finally, the stand was cut away from its backing fret and folded into shape. 

I will probably paint this model grey and apply a black oil wash to bring out the detail.





I confess that when I first saw this little model I was a bit bemused. However, my doubts evaporated as I raced through this simple but satisfying construction project. 

Planet Models 1/200 U-Boot "Seehund" is nicely detailed and a quick build. Even unpainted, I think it looks good in its nickel-plated stand. The photos don't quite do the model justice - the detail is crisper than these larger-than-life pictures suggest.

This will be a great model for naval modellers, or anyone wanting a quick break from complex, super-detailed projects.


Thanks to Squadron for the review sample.

Planet Models 1/200 scale U-Boot "Seehund"
is available online from Squadron.com

Review Copyright 2001 by Brett Green
Page Created 27 April, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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