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RAN Skyhawk Decals



Hawkeye Models Australia 


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Unknown
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: One decal sheet; Two colour artwork and decal placement guide sheets; one black-and-white instruction sheet; masking sheet
Price: AUD$16.60 (approx. USD$8.60)
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Beautiful Hasegawa donor kit; interesting Scooter subjects; comprehensive instructions; good registration and saturation; modellers can build any single seater Australian Skyhawk.
Disadvantages: White must be sprayed under decals for perfect opacity.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for fans of Australian Skyhawks in particular

Reviewed by Paul Gillan


F i r s t   L o o k


Today I received the new Hawkeye Decals 1/48 RAN A4 Skyhawk decal sheet.

Upon opening the box I initially viewed two full colour side view drawings of 871 in Grey over White and 882 in wrap around Greys.

Turning the zip lock bag over I was impressed to see the size of the sheet and the amount of featured markings. Decals are supplied for five different tail markings, unit crests for 805 SQN, NAVY stencils, aircraft numbers , N13 numbers, walkway markings, anti-glare panels, NO PUSH & NO STEP stencils, RESCUE arrows and the list goes on. 

Opening the bag reveals two double sided full colour side view sheets featuring six different schemes. There is also a single instructions page and a masking sheet. The masking component of the decal set is to be used to allow the painting of a white base coat, masking and then application of the camouflage colour over the mask to ensure that any translucency of the decal will not spoil the finished scheme.

The colour saturation on the sheet seems to be spot on and the register is as good as it gets. There are sufficient decals on this sheet to do five single seat RAN A4 kits. That's awesome! Hopefully there will be a sheet featuring dual seat Scooters as soon as Hasegawa put a TA4 out.

I've had a quick peek at "Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service" by Stewart Wilson and it seems that you can build every single seat A4 flown by the RAN by mixing and matching the decals and colour schemes.

I am now desperate to start a Scooter to try these markings out.

The decals are available by contacting Steve Evans by snail mail at Hawkeye Models Australia, 6 Amaroo Cl, Blue Haven NSW 2262 Australia or by e-mail at sgevans@bigpond.com or you can fax him on 02 4390 8463 (international callers use appropriate access and country codes)

Highly Recommended.


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Product purchased with reviewer's personal funds.

Review Copyright 2000 by Paul Gillan
This Page Created on 05 March, 2000
Last updated 20 July, 2003

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