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ESCAPAC IC Ejection Seat (Without Belts) 

for  A-4/A-7/A-10/S-3/B-57/F-15



Cutting Edge Modelworks 


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No. & Description CEC48282
Price: USD$6.99
Contents and Media: 2 pieces in medium grey resin; instructions.
Scale: 1/48
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Beautiful casting; nice option for modelers who prefer to add their own harness (seat with harness also available); fits new Hasegawa A-4; 
Disadvantages: Actuating handles not supplied (see text for reference)
Recommendation: Recommended 


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Resin accessory manufacturers seem to have pulled out the stops lately in a scramble to produce updates sets and ejection seats for the new series of Hasegawa and Hobbycraft A-4 Skyhawk kits . CEC48282 is Cutting Edge Modelworks latest entry into this race. Cutting Edge also state that the seat can also be used for A-7 Corsair II, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the S-3 Viking, the B-57 and F-15 Eagle.

CEC48282 is a 1/48 scale rendition of the Douglas Escapac IC cast in resin without the belts in place.

The seat is cast in Cutting Edge's mid grey resin and faithfully reproduces the full-sized seat. The casting is a beautifully done and there was neither flash nor pinholes in my example.

The seat comes packed in Cutting Edge's normal manner of a small ziploc bag and cardboard header.

Whilst Cutting Edge have done an excellent job in their rendition, the modeller still needs to add both actuating handles to complete the basics of the seat. Should you wish to really go to town and add even more detail take a surf to the Ejection Site website at http://www.bestweb.net/~kcoyne/ where the Escapac series of bang seats are described and shown in colour.

Why has Cutting Edge's produced the seat without the belts? I guess the answer to that question is - so you can have a choice. Not all modellers like the style of cast-in belts. For those who do Cutting Edge also provide the seat with cast-in belts (CEC48281)

Now for the $64,000.00 question. Does it fit the Hasegawa A-4 kit? Yes it does, and when it has been painted, washed and dry-brushed it will look a treat!


Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples

Cutting Edge Modelworks products are available from Meteor Productions Website

Review Copyright 2001 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 06 May, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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