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Aeromaster Decals


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: AMD48-575A and AMD48-576
Scale: 1/48 scale.
Review Type: First Look.
Advantages: Interesting WWI subjects; colourful and varied schemes and markings; decals opaque and in register; good instructions.
Disadvantages: Subject models are difficult to find.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Jon Freeman

available online from Squadron.com




Hot on the heels of a landslide of recent Aeromaster releases are two new and yet to be released quarter scale decal sheets. Being part of the father-son design team for these and other AM decals I'll try to be unbiased!

Sheet 48-576 - "Italo-French SPAD Aces"

Sheet 48-576 is titled "Italo-French SPAD Aces" which is based solely around the difficult to find Blue Max 1:48 Spad VII.

Eight aircraft are catered for with all the pilots being 'aces'.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


The artwork and decals were based on photos or illustrations in the Osprey "Spad VII Aces of World War One" No. 39 by Jon Guttman.

Sheet 48-575A - "U.S. SPAD Aces"

Sheet 48-575A is titled "U.S. SPAD Aces" which is based primarily around the once again difficult to find Dragon 1:48 Spad XIII and one aircraft will require a Blue Max 1:48 Spad VII.

This time six Spad XIII's and one Spad VII are present with full colour artwork adorning the fuselage sides on all aircraft.

Two Spad XIIIs even have diagonal upperwing stripes and checkers along with large aircraft numbers.

Again the artwork and decals were based around photos or illustrations in Ospreys' "Spad VII Aces of World War One" No. 39 book by Jon Guttman and "American Aces of World War One" No.42 by Norman Franks.

All the painting plans and schemes are supplied and all the decals are nicely in register and are opaque.




Aeromasters' reasoning of producing decals for two of the hardest to find WWI kits will be annoying to some modellers, but for those with hoards of Spads in their loft these sheets will be most welcome.

All in all, these are two very colourful sheets indeed and if you have the relevent Osprey and Windsock books to hand not forgetting half a dozen Spads a nice Spad aces collection could be on the cards!

Lets hope that Aeromaster will release some more World War One decals soon!


These sets will be available on-line at the Eagle Strike / AeroMaster web-site. 

Text Copyright 2002 by Jon Freeman
Page Created 04 May 2002
Last updated 22 July 2003

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