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Spitfire XII Conversion

Paragon Designs



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Unknown
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: 10 resin parts 
Price: 5-99
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High quality parts; interesting subjects; simple conversion; very fine propeller blades; excellent donor kit.
Recommendation: Highly recommended as an easy way to get a very different Sptfire from the Hasegawa kit. 


Reviewed by Drewe Manton




The Spitfire XII was the first major production version of a Griffon engined Spitfire. Essentially a MkV with a Griffon, later aircraft were based on the MkVIII and can be recognised by the retractable tailwheel. Only around 100 were made and they served with two squadrons in the low-level interceptor role, chasing tip and run FW-190's over the English countryside with some success. 

The limited edition nature of the mark makes it an extremely unlikely subject for a mainstream kit, and thus modellers must turn to conversions to add the Spitfire XII to their collections. Past attempts at a MkXII in 72nd utilised either the Aeroclub vac-form conversion for the Airfix Mk1 or a kit-bash of a XIV, but in the last few months a couple of conversions have hit the market. The Paragon set is the subject of this review. 

The parts are cast in Paragon's familiar creamy tan resin. They are absolutely smooth and blemish free, with not the slightest hint of an air bubble that I can detect - pretty much the norm from Mr Burkhill's stable.

 Included are a one piece nose and with a separate spinner (which fits like a glove in to the nose recess), new and very fine prop blades, a blanking piece and oil cooler for the underwing, new carburettor intake and a pair of slightly bulged and flattened 5 spoke wheels, all exquisitely moulded and detailed. The conversion is intended for the Hasegawa Spitfire VII/VIII/IX , one of my very favourite models and one that looks fabulous to me, in spite of recent discussions about its accuracy. I think it looks right (and if it's good enough for Roy Sutherland it's good enough for me!). A very small but succinct instruction sheet accompanies the set and shows exactly what and where to cut the Hasegawa kit. 

There isn't a lot more to say really. The Spitfire XII conversion is typical Paragon and should be a very simple job. In fact it looks like an ideal first conversion subject. The cutting of the donor kit is well marked and should present few problems to all but the most hamfisted! 

I intend to build this model very shortly (as soon as my donor MkIX shows up!) and perhaps it'll find it's way onto Hyperscale. Those who frequent this site will know I have a history of carving up Hasegawa Spifires about so this will be familiar territory for me! 

The set retails at 5-99 in the UK and, in my opinion, represents exceptional value for money. Hannants and my wallet provided the review sample. 

Unreservedly recommended.

Review and Image Copyright 2000 by Drewe Manton
Page Created 27 April, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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