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Telford New Release Previews



Presented by Graham Green


First Look


Below are a selection of new and forthcoming releases photographed at Telford:

Here are some Seat Harness from MDC (Adeco) for the French Aircraft (E48005), Sutton Harness for RAF aircraft (E48003), and the later war British Q-type (E48002) for which there are thumbnails below (click to enlarge). They also have harness for German WW2 (E48001) and US WW2 (E48004) in the same series for 1/48 scale models. They are 2 for each set of two frets.



Bf 109 G6 AS conversion set (MDA 48016 - 9.50p). This is to convert the Hasegawa Bf 109 G10 kit to the G6 AS version and consists of the replacement nose, chin intake, main wheels, wing bulges for wheel wells and propeller blades. They are very nicely moulded and only require minimal cutting to attach the new nose. 



The tyres have flats on them but these high pressure tyres have no perceptible bulging, just as it should be! There were no instructions with my set, but it does not take a rocket scientist to know where to cut the fuselage sides to accept the resin nose, it is really self evident once you hold it upto the kit parts. A nice set!

From Model Art Decals there was a converted centre line tank used on F-8F-1 Bearcats for PR work in Indochina and this goes with on the aircraft on their sheet Art72-033 which also includes HS Buccaneers and colourful Alouette III helicopter. The tanks are available in both 1/72 (M.Access 001) and 1/48 (M.Access 002) scales,  (both at 3.50p each or 4.00p outside Europe)

There was a very nicely produced SPITFIRE Mk XII conversion set for the Airfix Spitfire to make the first operational Griffon powered Spitfire. The parts consisted of the nose, spinner and prop blades, the short carb intake, in-fill for the port radiator and the new oil cooler to replace it. 



The fuselage had a piece to fit under the tail for the fixed tailwheel, this also being included, the 'Gull-wing' section for under the rear of the wing/fuselage area, bulges for over the wheel wells and a IFF aerial for under the fuselage.

The AEROCLUB stand had their new SPITFIRE Mk 21 conversion. There are two types, one for the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 kit and the other, which I picked up, which is for the spare wing that you get if you have the Airfix Seafire 46 kit. this has all the parts required to utilise just the wing from the Airfix kit. 



Most of the parts are injection moulded plastic which is very good. There is a bag full of white metal parts for detail in the cockpit, the guns and the undercarriage and a vacform canopy to suit the highback fuselage is also included.

Here is the float set from MDC CV032 for the Ju52 Floatplane (12.50p) version. It contains two large floats, in resin of course, as are the eight cleats for the mooring ropes and there are two types of ladder also supplied. The struts for the float mounting are in white metal as there is some strength required to support a heavy and large model on top of them. This is a nice conversion which makes a large model even taller!!!


Second resin item from MDC is the Ju 52 Condor Haube canopy MDC CV041 (2.50p =P&P)which has the gun ring in it. You get a full cockpit glazing as well as a clear dome in vacform and a pair of machine guns with separate magazines in resin and they are excellent!!



Very worthy of note is the Dynavector TSR2 kit which costs 45 over here in England.

This is a large kit and has many parts in white metal for the cockpit, undercarriage and tail section. There are two, very clear canopies supplied and the detail on the vacformed main airframe parts is excellent. A full set of instructions are supplied and it is definitely well worth a read before attempting construction as it needs some bracing both in the wing and fuselage before progressing to cut the parts away from the backing.


Click thumbnails to view images full-time



I have built several of Dynavector's kits before and can say that they are reasonably easy to make if you progress slowly and heed the instructions. The hardest part is cutting out the parts and sanding the edges but Taro does let you into the secret of performing this task with ease.

Well, as you can imagine, I am looking forward to getting my teeth into this model at the earliest opportunity.
Pics show the vacform parts, white metal.

Previews and Images Copyright 2000 by Graham Green
Page Created 28 October, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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