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U-2 "Dragon Lady "


Early U-2 A/C/D & U-2 A/C/D/F

Set #1 & #2



Cutting Edge Modelworks


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: CED 48149 & CED 48150
Scale: 1/48 scale.
Contents and Media: In each set is 1 sheet of decals, 1 double sided sheet of artwork. 1 smaller sheet is also included with additional aircraft types/specs and general decal handling info.
Review Type: First Look.
Advantages: Excellentlquality printing; good colour density and register; unusual subject.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Dale Smith

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions


F i r s t   L o o k


The two latest releases from "Cutting Edge Modelworks" cover the U2 'Dragon Lady'.

Both of the sets come in the standard zip lock bag, with a letter-size double sided sheet of colour artwork covering the subjects in the set. The additional sheet of instructions with the set gives specifics of the aircraft covered as well as colour scheme information and sensor fit/configuration/modification of the airframes. There is also information as to the use of Cutting Edge sets that would modify the standard kits to the versions required.



Both of the decals in the samples were beautifully printed with good colour density and were in perfect register. The decals were also very thin and should adhere to your model's gloss surface very well.



Decal Set CED 48149


Aircraft that are covered in set CED 48149 are:

  1. U-2A Serial 56-6701 from the Air Force Flight Test Centre, Edwards AFB, USAF in natural metal and Dayglo Orange (FS 28915).

  2. U-2C Article 360 , CIA in May, 1960. This is the U-2A that Francis Gary Powers was flying when shot down over the Soviet Union. Aircraft in overall Insignia Blue ( FS 35044 ).

  3. U-2A Serial 56-6715 with the 4080th SRW, Laughlin AFB, USAF. Aircraft in Overall Aluminium( FS 16473).

  4. U-2A-1 Serial 56-6715 with the 4080th SRW, Laughlin AFB, USAF. Same Aircraft as in 3 above but in the HASP ( Operation Crowflight) modification in a Natural Metal and Orange ( FS 28913 ) scheme.

  5. U-2D Serial 56-6722 with the 6512th Test Group ( ARDC ) Ramey AFB, PR. with the Project Low Card configuration in Fall, 1958. Aircraft in a Natural Metal and Black scheme.



CED 48150

Aircraft that are covered in set CED 48150 are:

  1. U-2D Serial 56-6721 with the Air Force Test Flight Center, Edwards AFB, 1967. This aircraft also participated in Project Low Card. Aircraft in Black and Natural Metal.

  2. U-2F Serial 56-6680 with the 4080th SRW, Laughlin AFB. The aircraft saw service in Vietnam. Overall Aluminium. ( FS 16473 ).

  3. U-2C Article 356 with the CIA. This airframe was later transferred to the USAF as Serial 56-6689. Aircraft in Overall Black.

  4. U-2A-1 Serial 56-6717 with the 4080th SRW, Laughlin AFB, USAF. Aircraft in Overall Aluminium with Orange ( FS 28913 ) flight surfaces.

  5. U-2A-1 Serial 56-6714 with the 4080th SRW, Laughlin AFB, USAF. HASP ( Operation Crowflight). Two schemes are provided, both in Natural Metal, one an early scheme and a also a late scheme when on deployment to Australia with 'City of Sale' nose artwork.


The recommended kit for both of these decal sets is the 1/48 Testors U-2A or C, with the Cutting Edge accessories to complete whichever version is required.





This is another excellent addition to the "Cutting Edge Modelworks" range of decals. The rest of the range can be inspected at the Meteor Productions website at www.meteorprod.com

Highly Recommended.

Many thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples. 

Cutting Edge Decals are available from Meteor Productions Website

Review and Images Copyright 2001 by Dale Smith
Page Created 24 October, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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