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Armour and Vehicle Accessories

2 Gallon Petrol/Water Cans
Besa Ammo Boxes and Liners
Bren Gun Magazine Boxes
Commonwelath Armoured Corps Helmets


135003a.jpg (15218 bytes)

135003 - 2 gal. Petrol/Water Cans
Photo Courtesy of Ultracast Website


Catalogue No.: 135003, 135004, 135005, 135006, AC35006
Scale: 1/35
Media: Resin
Review Type: In-Bag
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

S u m m a r y

Item 135003 - 2 Gallon Petrol/Water Cans British WWII
Item 135004 - 2 Gallon Petrol/Water Cans (In vehicle Mounted Racks, WWII)
Item 135005 - Besa 7.92 mm Ammo Boxes and Liners (for British AFV Mounted MGs, WWII)
Item 135006 - Bren Gun Magazine Boxes (with Spare Magazines)
Item AC35006 - Armoured Corps Helmets with liners
Price: US$7.95 each
Advantages: Great sculpting, excellent quality casting, nice variation in most sets, hard-to-find subjects, great potential for dioramas
Disadvantages: None
Recommendation: Versatile accessories for all modellers of British and Commonwealth AFVs


F i r s t   L o o k


Modellers of Commonwealth armour and vehicles will reap a bumper crop with the latest batch of Ultracast accessory releases.

Set 135003 are individual 2 gallon PoW cans. These will come in handy, randomly scattered on a tank or truck. Ten cans are included. The handles are almost completely undercut - there is a tiny wafer of resin to poke out with a sharp knife to complete the bridge.

Set 135004 is the same style of can mounted in vehicle racks. Two each of two rack styles are included - three can and five can racks respectively.

Set 135005 comprise accessories for Besa vehicle mounted machine guns. The set includes six ammo boxes and four crates. One of the crates is open. It is completely empty, with woodgrain detail on both the inside and outside of the box, and a separate lid. This one will come in very handy for anyone detailing the interior of a Commonwealth tank.

Set 135006 is four magazine boxes for a Bren gun. Once again, one of the boxes is moulded open. This time it is half-full of Bren magazines. Five separate magazines are also supplied.

Set AC35006 is a collection of Commonwelath Armoured Corps helmets with liners. Very handy for the armour modeller.

These sets are produced to the same high standard as all of Ultracast's beautiful resin figures and accessories. Detail is crisp and cleverly designed, and casting is flawless. Casting blocks on the boxes are necessarily chunky, but a razor saw will make short work of them.

It is great to see the genuinely creative thought going into Ultracast's choice of new products.

Highly recommended.

You may view these and other products including excellent photos at Ultracast's Web Site.


Thanks to Kevin at Ultracast for the review samples

Review Copyright 1999 by Brett Green
Page Created 04 February, 1999
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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