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British Heads WWII
(with Officers Service Caps)



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Price: 35030 - British Heads WWII with Officers Service Caps @ US$9.95
Scale: 1/35
Contents and Media: Five parts in cream coloured resin
Review Type: In-box
Advantages: Useful addition to range - Commonwealth officers are otherwise rare; perfect casting; excellent detail; simple casting block removal and cleanup; variety of expressions.
Recommendation: Highly recommended to all Commonwelath figure modellers


Reviewed by Brett Green


F i r s t   L o o k

Knowing Ultracast's ongoing commitment to Commonwealth WWII figures, it was logical that we would eventually see heads with Officer's caps. We have now been rewarded with this great little set.

Five individual heads are supplied. Expressions are varied and natural. I particularly like the officer (probably a WO by the look of him!) shouting enthusiastically. The caps have been carefully individualised by their drape and angle.

In common with their earlier releases there are no imperfections or flash on my samples, and casting connections are limited to a thin strip that will easily be removed using a sharp hobby knife.

Although the set is labelled "British Heads WWII", they will be equally applicable to any Commonwealth forces through WWII to Korea and beyond.



This versatile set will be of great value to any modellers of WWII British Commonwealth figures or armoured vehicles.

Highly recommended.

You may view these and other products including photos at Ultracast's Web Site.

Thanks to Kevin at Ultracast for the review samples.

Review Copyright 2000 by Brett Green
Images Courtesy Ultracast Website
Page Created 29 November, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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