US Tanker Heads Set #2

Yanks Miniatures

Catalogue No.: Item #9712
Scale: 1/35
Media: Resin
Review Type: Figure Review - In Box
Rating: Recommended

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell

S u m m a r y

Contents: Six heads in tan resin
Price: US$8.95
Advantages: Another option for US tankers, six unique personalities with tankers' helmets
Disadvantages: Two of six not up to the other heads (see text)
Recommendation: For everyone who wants a little bit different commander in his Sherman


F i r s t   L o o k

The concept of after market heads has been around for a number of years, and YANKS is now working on their version of the concept. Included in this set are five US tanker heads wearing the standard WWII tanker helmets with headsets attached. Four of the heads are excellent, particularly one with a cigarette butt firmly clasped between his lips and another which appears (on purpose, I have learned) to be a Chinese. However, two of the heads are not as well done. One is of a tanker with his mouth open yelling, but it appears that he has no lips. The pose is odd, which is a shame as the rest of the head is very nice. The other is a figure with goggles down and a cigar butt in his mouth. While a nice idea, the cigar is around a scale 40mm in diameter, which is more along the lines of gag cigars ("Welcome to Niagara Falls") than real ones. This is a real shame, as this head has a lot of personality.

Yanks has done US tankers with cigars before, and the results have been similar. One comment was that a previous figure appeared to be eating a carrot, which the head here would not belie. Still, this can be solved with this particular head by some very careful filing, and the head can easily be made quite useful. The prices are reasonable, and the more options the better.

Thanks to Dave Bighia of Yanks for the review sample.

Review by Cookie Sewell, April 1998.
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