Modern USAF Pilots


1/48 Scale







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Catalogue Number: 4802
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 11 parts in tan resin
Price: USD$22.95
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Great casting with excellent detail.
Disadvantages: Availability and Price
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Dave Roof

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While visiting my local shop last week, I came across a new set of figures from Coree. While Coree is best known for their excellent large scale figures and extensive aircraft conversions, they have a growing line of
figures in 1/48 and 1/35 scale as well.

This set of Modern US Pilots is one of those in their ever expanding range.

The set consists of two figures cast in multiple parts allowing them to be modeled in varying poses. However, the two bodies are identical. Two empty helmets, two helmets with heads in them, and one head with no helmet are included. The helmets are the older large helmets, not the newer light weight
ones in use today.

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The flight suits depicted in this set are correct for the USAF. Hopefully Coree will release a set of USN/USMC pilots as well. A set of Helicopter pilots and crew would be nice too.

The quality of the castings in my set are first rate and the detail on the figures themselves is excellent.




If you like adding figures to the display bases of your aircraft, this is an excellent set to assist you in doing so. The extra helmets are a nice addition as well. Personally, I like to put helmets either on the seats, or
hanging from the ledge of the cockpit, but find grinding out the heads of plastic pilots a little difficult.

The main drawbacks to the set are the general availability of Coree's products in the US and the price. At USD$22.95 retail, they are out of the price range of most modelers simply because they choose not to spend $23.00 for two pilots.

I picked up my set at A.B. Charles & Son in Pittsburgh, PA. You can see more of Coree's line at


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