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War at Night

RAF pre-war and early-war bombers



Kits at War Series - Dutch Decals



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: K7/7 - "War at Night". Markings for ten RAF early-war and pre-war bombers
Contents and Media: Two decal sheets (25cm x 15cm and 10cm x 15cm); two folded A4 pages of placement instructions; one A5 colour cover sheet
Scale: 1/72
Price: FirstLook
Review Type: 8.50 available from Dutch Decals website
Advantages: Good colour; lots of choices; excellent timing for MPM Wellington Mk. I; full sets of both dull red and bright red national markings supplied; comprehensive instructions with two side views and plan views (for most subjects)
Disadvantages: Tiny registration problem with narrow yellow roundel border (on one option only)
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for fans of late 1930s Bomber Command models; or anyone building MPM's excellent new Wellington Mk. I.


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If you have a shelf full of the old 1/72 scale Matchbox Wellesly, I will bet that you never expected to see some interesting new decal options for your model. Well, Dutch Decals has delivered the unexpected with two different marking schemes for the Wellesly in their newest 1/72 scale offering, "War at Night".

The theme of this set of decals is RAF Bomber Command from the immediate pre-war era to 1941. Most of the ten subjects are less surprising than the Wellesly, but no less welcome. It is great to see a selection of these markings in 1/72 scale.

The timing is especially good with the recent release of the excellent 1/72 scale MPM Wellington Mk. I. Four Wellington options are supplied on this sheet.

The remaining schemes cover two Beaufort Mk Is (recommended kit - High Planes. A tough build but an accurate result); two Whitleys (for the ancient Frog kits and its Eastern European progeny); and one Blenheim Mk. IV (to suit either the MPM or, for the real gluttons for punishment, the Airfix kit). All of these models are quite commonly available.

Despite the general theme of Dark Earth, Dark Green and Night undersurfaces, there is a pleasing variety of the national markings themselves. The transition to war led to a number of changes to Air Ministry Orders for markings. These changes prompted a migration through different roundels and fin flashes (or lack thereof); and the shift to a dull red roundel colour from the pre-war bright red. Dutch Decals' options touch on most of the major marking variations.

A nice touch is the inclusion of two complete sets of national markings - one with dull red and one with bright red in the roundels and fin flashes.



The decals are glossy and well saturated. Registration is generally good, although the narrow yellow roundel border for two of the Wellington options is marginally misaligned on my sample.

Instructions are very good. A colour cover sheet gives a taste of the schemes, while two folded, black and white A4 sheets provide detail of placement using two side view drawings for every subject. A number of plan views are also supplied for top view camouflage.

If you are a fan of early-war WWII bombers, this decal sheet will be an essential aquisition. Even if you only have a casual interest in the MPM Wellington, Dutch Decals' "War at Night" decal set will provide four marking options to differentiate your kit.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Luuk from Dutch Decals for the review samples.


Text and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 03 October, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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