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F4F & FM-2 Wildcat
Replacement Propeller and FAA Seat


Cutting Edge Modelworks


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: CEC48404 - FM-2 Wildcat Non-Cuffed Props & Spinners (2 types).
CEC48412 - F4F-3/4 Wildcat Cuffed Props & Spinners (2 types)
CEC48391 - Martlet Super Detailed Seat with Sutton Harness
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: See Review Below
Price: CEC48404 and CEC48412 - USD$5.99 each
CEC48391 - USD$7.99 (two seats per set) from Meteor Productions website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Correct shape for both types of propellers; applicable to the vast majority of production Wildcats; simple cleanup and assembly; two styles of spinners supplied with each prop set; Sutton Harness option nice to have for FAA Martlets.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for anyone building a Sword 1/48 scale FM-2. Recommended for F4F-3/4 and Martlets.


HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge has released three new accessories for various Wildcat/Martlet models in 1/48 scale:


CEC48404 FM-2 Wildcat Non-Cuffed Props & Spinners (2 types).

The new 1/48 scale Sword kit of the FM-2 Wildcat is a long-awaited rendition of this important type in 1/48 scale. In general, the outline is good and an impressive model should result. The most obvious problem with this model is its very poorly shaped propeller blades. They look like stumpy bread knife blades!

Cutting Edge has released a new propeller set for the FM-2 (pictured above) that will replace the kit items. In addition to the blunt spinner, a bullet-shaped spinner option is also supplied.

Cleanup and preparation will be a simple matter of a single pass with a sharp knife to remove the parts from their narrow blocks.

Considering the prominence of the propeller assembly on this stubby fighter, the replacement parts will make a big impact on the model. This really is an essential accessory for anyone building the 1/48 scale Sword FM-2.

Highly Recommended.

CEC48412 F4F-3/4 Wildcat Cuffed Props & Spinners (2 types)

Cutting Edge has corrected the diameter of the propeller assembly, the size of the cuffs and the size of the hub in their new replacement propeller assembly for1/48 scale F4F-3 and -4 Wildcats.



Although the problems with the Tamiya kit parts are not as obvious as with the Sword FM-2, the resin parts are a definite improvement (see image above for a comparison). The inclusion of the alternate "bullet" shaped spinner is another bonus.

A tiny amount of trimming will be required to free each locating pin from two wedges of resin after the blades have been removed from their casting block.



CEC48391 Martlet Super Detailed Seat

The Martlet was the Fleet Air Arm's designation for the F4F Wildcat in British service. In common with other British and Lend/Lease aircraft of the era, the Martlet was fitted with the distinctive Sutton Harness.



Cutting Edge has released a 1/48 scale Wildcat seat with the Sutton Harness especially to permit an accurate Martlet with a minimum of fuss.

Two seats are included with each set. They are cast to a high standard in grey resin, The drape of the Sutton Harness is very nice indeed. The casting block comprises four narrow arms of resin in an "X" arrangement which will be quite simple to remove.

This is a handy accessory that should prove popular with fans of FAA subjects.


Thanks to Meteor Productions for the preview pictures and information.

Cutting Edge Modelworks accessories are available online from Meteor Productions website

Text  Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Images Copyright 2002 by Meteor Productions
Page Created 23 September, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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