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OS2U Kingfisher
Super Detailed Cockpit



Cutting Edge Modelworks


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: CEC48300
Scale: 1/48
Price: USD$22.99
Contents and Media: 36 parts in grey resin, one clear acetate sheet
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Gorgeous detail; massive improvement to kit parts; clever casting with deep undercuts in rear cockpit “tub”; seats have cast-on harnesses; includes very nice .30 cal (and a spare!); kit is a worthy donor for the main parts despite its venerable age; addresses interior accuracy compromises imposed by oversimplified construction breakdown.
Disadvantages: Donor kit will need significant (and unforgiving) modifications – experience required; best used in combination with CE’s forthcoming corrected float, replacement cowl and “Engines and Things” engine (so you’ll end up with a beautiful but expensive Kingfisher)
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to fans of US Navy aircraft with significant modelling experience and a reasonable budget!


Reviewed by Brett Green

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge has chosen to bless the venerable Monogram 1/48 scale OS2U Kingfisher with the modern miracle of resin. We have already reviewed the Kingfisher replacement cowl. Now Cutting Edge turns its attention to the crew compartment.

It is an understatement to describe this as a cockpit set. It is, more accurately, a full interior. 36 pieces in grey resin address the forward cockpit tub, the boat-like rear cockpit, bulkheads; wing spar, decks, bracing, radios and armament. The interior set runs almost the full length of the fuselage.


The cockpit tub and rear cockpit main section are marvellous demonstrations of resin casting capabilities in the year 2001. Much of the structural detail is already cast in place, including foot rests, oxygen bottles, canisters, quadrants, consoles and plumbing. All these parts are perfectly rendered with deep undercuts where appropriate. The master modelling and casting is just gorgeous.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Smaller details are equally impressive.

The seats feature realistically draped harnesses. Radios and bulkheads feature crisp, realistic detail. The machine gun and gunner’s ring are also very nice; and a spare .30 cal is also supplied. The instrument panels are supplied in resin and offer the option of acetate instruments.

Recent Cutting Edge cockpits have been almost drop-fit replacements for kit parts. That is not the case with this interior set. Significant modifications to the Monogram kit parts are required, and these modifications will be unforgiving – if you cut in the wrong place you may have to buy a new Kingfisher! The main effort will go into preparation of the wings. The full-span kit parts must be chopped up to permit a completely accurate interior. Cutting Edge has supplied a new two-piece wing spar, but it is the modeller’s responsibility to accurately measure, mark and cut the kit wings. All the locating lugs, pins and moulded detail must be removed from the kit fuselage interior too.

Even so, most modellers with previous experience in converting and modifying aircraft models will, with care, be capable of handling these modifications.

All parts in my review sample were perfectly cast. Casting blocks are all relatively thin, and most parts will be cut free with the swipe of a new hobby blade. The cockpit tubs, wing spars and machine gun ring will require a combination of a razor saw and caution.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Instructions are in the familiar Cutting Edge style. Notes are provided and the modeller ignores them at his peril. You really do need to read these instructions to avoid expensive and time consuming problems, especially associated with the preparation of the kit wings and fuselage.





The unmodified Monogram Kingfisher is old and somewhat oversimplified, but it is basically accurate (with the exception of the massively undersized float) and features petite surface detail. Fabric texture is very nice and I actually like the fine, raised panel lines. The big canopy is also quite clear and thin for its day. Even better, the kit is now in general release by Revell-Monogram after a long absence from the shelves.

Despite its age, I can see why Cutting Edge has decided to mark this kit for improvement. It is a worthy recipient of these accessories.

The Cutting Edge resin interior is beautifully detailed and perfectly cast. This detail set is more than an improvement. It will transform the old Monogram kit.

If you take the trouble to modify the kit to accept this interior, then you will also probably want the replacement cowl and forthcoming corrected float from Cutting Edge. You’ll also need the Engines and Things engine. Oh, and the Yellowhammer decals too. The accessory investment might add up to more than USD$60 for this USD$12 kit.

If this investment is not a barrier, and if you are an experienced and confident modeller, your reward will be an accurate and stunningly detailed OS2U Kingfisher.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review sample.

Cutting Edge Modelworks products are available from Meteor Productions Website

Review and Images Copyright © 2001 by Brett Green
Page Created 10 September, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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